I KILLED A Drunkard


HE was drunk, when I sighted him.

and smelly as a skunk.

“It’s free, you won’t pay a fee,”

He must have told himself as he drank

‘cos really, it was free.

Though it felt like a dream.

There was nobody in his way;

So he gulped greedily, his way!”


Notice the Table

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Psalms 23:5 (KJV)

I want to tell you a story… a true life story!

The beautiful morning complemented my hope of having a sweet and productive day. I was resuming at a new job and I was hoping for the best.

Upon my resumption at work, I was assigned some tasks which entailed producing some presentation drawings ASAP for a proposal with an approaching deadline. I wasn’t so bothered, I knew it is not beyond me and I was super ready to impress , you know – it’s my first task for/in the firm.
For some reasons however, I had to use my personal laptop which I plugged in and set to work.

Everything was going on fast and fine until I heard a sound “Kpa!” and my laptop screen dimmed. My charger stopped working and when I unplugged it, I discovered that it was emitting a foul smell. As in eh –the charger just blow!

I was destabilized!
I didn’t have much money on me that day to purchase a new charger, the task at hand -my first for the firm- with a looming deadline would suffer setback, I might have to start from scratch on a different computer!
…Okay, I am not usually superstitious, but I tell you, on that day, I started wondering if taking up the job was a mistake in the first place.

Long story short, I called my boss to inform him that I would not be able to meet up with the deadline because of the charger problem. I was thinking we’ll probably start talking about getting another computer to finish the drawings but instead he bought me a new charger. Yeah! Not on loan, not IOU! Absolutely FOC! As in Free Of Charge!
Strange?!… And Hard to believe, right? What kinda boss does that?…but it is true!

Later that day, when Uchechi asked me how my day at work went, I started ranting about how horrible it had been. How my charger chose that day of all days to get spoilt and how it delayed me and killed my morale. When I got to the part where my boss bought me a new charger she replied, “… see God at work”.
Then I paused to think!

Till date, She has no idea the kind of impact that her simple comment had on me. It hit me real hard!
That simple phrase made me realize how dumb I have been. Instead of thanking God for buying me a new charger on my first day and Free Of Charge oo , I was lamenting about the charger slowing me down, I was acting ominous and all. If the charger blew while I was at home, no one else would pay for it but me. I might even have to borrow money to buy one.


Prepared in front of me was a beautiful table, and instead of settling down to enjoy it, I was looking at the enemies! Instead of me thanking God for the New Job packed with a free charger on top -like a creamy ice topping on a cake, I was lamenting and thinking pessimistically!

And as if God was further correcting me, E. Adams Wright published a post on her Word… Breathed Blog. She wrote this lovely post about Noticing the Table!

There, I learnt a lesson from the life of David, the writer of Psalms 23.
According to E. Adams Wright “He (David) was not hoping to see God’s goodness while still on earth. He was certain he would see God’s goodness. His certainty was not based on his perception that he deserved the goodness of God but on his knowledge that GOD IS GOOD! (all the time) .

Now, You know David was a man after God’s heart, right?. OK! so when David was penning the words of that psalm, I can try to guess his position. He knew there were enemies around but he also didn’t forget that he has a God!

Many times we focus too much on the enemies present at the table that we fail/forget to give thanks to God and enjoy the sumptuous delicacy He has prepared on the table.

Here is how Adam Clarke puts it in his commentary on Psalms 23: 5:- A magnificent banquet is provided by a most liberal and benevolent host; who has not only the bounty to feed me, but power to protect me; and, though surrounded by enemies, I sit down to this table with confidence, knowing that I shall feast in perfect security.

For everyone reading this, please appreciate God for His finger and I bet you’ll see his hand in more areas of your life. Take time to NOTICE THE TABLE!


If He set a table before you in the presence of your enemies, He is able to keep those enemies at bay. As for me I have chosen to thank God for the table and enjoy it whilst the enemies do what toothless bulldogs do.

He loves you, He loves me, He loves us and His thoughts towards us are always goood! I tell you!


An Architect’s definition of LOVE

Love is a conceptual drawing that is best described and interpreted by the designer. It just might not make sense to others.

Love is unique! It can’t be traced… it can inspire others but can’t be precisely copied !

Love is drawn on the Mind and engraved on the heart with a pencil called trust but it can be erased with infidelity.
It is beautifully delineated with reciprocation and even if it faces the toughest jury, with unity and truth, Love conquers all!

If Love is a perspective drawing… It can be anything but not a one point perspective! ….’cos it is not self centered!

Love is 3D i.e three Dimensional …cos it has a great depth, it goes to any length, and can sacrifice its breath for another.

AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, 3DSmax & the likes are yet to be adapted to build 3D models of TRUE LOVE!
The Only available Manual and Software for love is GOD’s WORD!

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.
Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is Love.
1 John 4:7-8 ESV

Architect ADE Taiwo’s view!

PS: Sorry, If you can’t relate with some terminologies used, its probably because you are not an architect!
Though I would love to to tell you to switch profession…but on second thoughts, NO! don’t bother! …for clarifications, please consult a dictionary, or better still, ASK AN ARCHITECT! *wink-wink*

… and you could also write on LOVE using your profession’s register too!
you can send an email to hardethaewoh at gmail dot com

#SHALOM# #LOVE_Day_not_Lust_day#


WHY…. I Smile! – A Note by Maama!


A smile………. I smile……I am smiling
….but WHY…..?
I don’t know [how to explain why!]

I guess it’s because I came across SOMETHING…..
Something HE said about me….
HE said HE loved me! -Yea! Even Me!
I used to wonder WHY? …..why would HE love me?…..

But I came across a WHY in ISAIAH’s Book, the 43rd Chapter ……… And I guess [that’s why] I just can’t stop smiling … I feel so wrapped, [engulfed, overwhelmed, bebayed and]…surrounded by His love!

HE said HE will walk with me along the waters…….. When I am in the waters [,be it waters] of temptation, rejection, self loathing [depression] and sadness.

[HE said HE will be with me, also in the fire! That’s why I’m so at ease when I face the heat of pressures, uncertainty, stress, anxiety, tests and trials! What a powerful and reassuring promise that is!]

………So even when I stumble and fall and feel I have disappointed Him again, when I feel disappointed with myself and can’t seem to forgive myself nor look up to him for it [forgiveness] because of the shame I feel… [and because, often and often, the devil reminds me of how filthy I am.]
… He said to me today that even at those times HE is right there beside me ….all the way…….and to crown it all…
HE said He would forgive my sins….
[then I ask again] …WHY?
-I seem to ask that question a lot –
but I guess HE knew I would ask, so he answered right there and then… yes! in that chapter.
HE listed my sins and how much I hurt him but HE said HE will forgive me……!

Its because of who He is……….not because of who I am or what I had done but because of who He is.
…because He chose to
…..because He chose me
….because he created me for Himself [for His pleasure, and] to give him glory!…..

[To someone out there]
Sometimes it’s lonely ……..sometimes the road gets very lonely and you feel alone…..but look back [with Faith] and see God right behind you! …..remember his promises are ever true! HE surely won’t leave you, If you do not forsake him too!


I hope this blesses and encourages you like it blessed me.
GOD LOVES YOU…. No matter what!


This random note was Holyghost inspired and written on a random day, by a dear friend: Miss Omojowo Taiwo (aka Maama!)
[and slightly amplified by me]

PS: Maama, I do hope you forgive me for posting this before seeking your approval,
Ki ya kuri dear! muah!
It is just too powerful and inspiring to be kept hidden in my notepad!
*wink-wink* *tongue_out*




Today I can get dressed in a suit with a touch of
red, green or wareva!
my touch of red could have been some animal
blood, or palm oil from some hideous sacrifice?
I probably won’t be dancing that ‘tush’ dance in
the sanctuary today! Maybe I’ll be half naked,
dirty, beaten and jumping in the euphoric
possessed celebration of a masquerade whilst,
beating people mercilessly!
I wouldn’t have many of you as friends too, cos
my face would have been redesigned to a
permanent scary scowl wt indigenous tribal marks
that starts from the centre of the head down to
my chin!
All thanks to this SPECIAL PERSON… Many years
ago, he called my Grandparents by name and gave
them a new name…
A special specie of ADEJUMOBI. Branded and
Favoured of God.
Today I can’t be addressed as Omo ara kan ti n
jijo eegun! (the offspring of a people that dances the masquerade dance)
But Omo ara kan ti n jijo Jesu Olugbala! (the offspring of a people that dances Jesus the Saviour’s dance)

This special person brought us from the miry clay
and set us among Princes!… and Yes! He has been,
and still is so faithful and good to us!
…and I’m so happy today is a day set aside to
celebrate His birth!

So Beloved, I won’t let today pass without
reminding you that Christmas is not about sweet
food and the clothes on us but about Christ in us!

Heb 2v14-15 and his birth is to set us free from he
that had the world in bondage from ages past!
But Christ’s work didn’t end with me/us , He is
still seated on the right hand of the Father,
interceding for you and I. He wants you too in the
extended christian family!

Is there a better way to celebrate Christmas than
to open the door of Your heart and let him in!