I KILLED A Drunkard

HE was drunk, when I sighted him. and smelly as a skunk. “It’s free, you won’t pay a fee,” He must have told himself as he drank ‘cos really, it was free. Though it felt like a dream. There was nobody in his way; So he gulped greedily, his way!” It’s a rare Opportunity. And… Continue reading I KILLED A Drunkard


An Architect’s definition of LOVE

Love is a conceptual drawing that is best described and interpreted by the designer. It just might not make sense to others. Love is unique! It can’t be traced… it can inspire others but can’t be precisely copied ! Love is drawn on the Mind and engraved on the heart with a pencil called trust…… Continue reading An Architect’s definition of LOVE


WHY…. I Smile! – A Note by Maama!

A smile………. I smile……I am smiling ….but WHY…..? I don’t know [how to explain why!] I guess it’s because I came across SOMETHING….. Something HE said about me…. HE said HE loved me! -Yea! Even Me! I used to wonder WHY? …..why would HE love me?….. But I came across a WHY in ISAIAH’s Book,…… Continue reading WHY…. I Smile! – A Note by Maama!



Today I can get dressed in a suit with a touch of red, green or wareva! BUT DO YOU KNOW THAT my touch of red could have been some animal blood, or palm oil from some hideous sacrifice? I probably won’t be dancing that ‘tush’ dance in the sanctuary today! Maybe I’ll be half naked,…… Continue reading DEDICATED TO A SPECIAL PERSON AT CHRISTMAS