Words for mi_lady

Dear Ladies,

Honestly and sincerely speaking, verily verily I say unto you, behold any wise man, behold any choosy man, behold any man of virtue and moral, behold a man planning a future and behold every sane individual that looks at a fashion freak who is scantily dressed in a total yards of clothing barely enough to sew an handkerchief and exclaims inwardly or exhales outwardly with teasing comment like… Wow, she’s so hot! So sexy…bla bla bla…. He says it to himself in a bid to satisfy a momentary lust, flirting and air thick infatuation. Deep inside he adds a comment you never heard.
When he says, ‘she’s hot!’ he adds, ‘but too hot to be a wife’
when he gawks and exclaims, ‘She’s sexy and she knows it’ he adds ‘and she’s just for sex, i can’t build a relationship with someone like this and i know it.’

and it goes on and on.
I know many of you spend… Many hours in the spa, 2 hours of manicure and pedicure, 1 hour to makeup, 45mins of bath, 30mins of self assessment in a mirror. 5mins interval of visiting the powder room to touch up… Its all just for a second of, ‘did HE notice me?’ ‘was I noticed?’

sometimes, my Dear Lady you have to concentrate more on the big picture.
‘A happily forever after’ relationship rarely start with a flirt or fling or a passionate kiss! Sometimes you have to neglect your flesh and heart’s yearning and let your head show you the way.[afterall, that’s where your eyes are!]

Someone said, ‘The wife material in many ladies is not enough to sew a G_string!’ -unknown
How true could this be? I think its time to reorganise your priorities mi_lady!

A word they say is enough for the wise!

Be wise

☀→Prince A.T.™
– @Hardethaewoh

#just_my_honest_thoughts #much_love ♥♥♥♥

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