Meet Hardethaewoh! (about us)

Acknowledgements & Appreciations goes to Almighty God- My Inspiration.

This blog was launched with a simple mission in mind. My mission is; to gather smart, wise, cute, like minded intellectuals who really appreciate ‘straight from the heart talks’. [yeah ‘straight from the heart’ cos I’m not so good at editing literature but if I speak and you can grab my point…cool!]
So I celebrate you for being an intellect opportuned to be here. I don’t believe in coincidence and I promise to make your stay worthwhile, keep you entertained, and cause you to keep visiting.

For your curiousity,
My names are…*wince* its a long list i wont bother you with. *winks* Friends call me Ade+Taiwo, I spell it as HARDETHAEWOH and sign as +*Prince A.T.™*+

One thing I do naturally is to put smiles on people’s faces and that I’ll keep doing. Please don’t forget to click the share button after I make you smile. Feel free to Publicize to your friends (perhaps you’d invite enemies later).

So welcome to your world. A like minded community where you can read and publish exciting stories, poems, comedies, facts, advice, stories that touch and the ones that don’t, and the most wanted -Love stories!

More to come. Its the beginning of a new thing. Just Keep your fingers crossed.(i’m not particular about your fingers, its your attention I want o.) *smiles* #much_love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

* * * *
Welcome Home
+*Prince A.T.™*+

contact me –
follow @Hardethaewoh


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