Facebook Resolution

Facebook Resolution

‘Ol’ boy ten don knack o.’ Etim said

‘I’m going to bed now,’ I said. I pressed the sleep button and faked a yawn.

‘ol’ boy, you don finish your assignment?’

‘Yes now, since.’

‘give me, make I see’

‘make you see abi make I give you to copy?’

‘no o! I no dey copy you o, me, copy your work? Mba’ Etim cried out in self defense.

He gets twitchy anytime I accuse him of copying. But what’s the big deal, we do it all the time. This happens to be the only one out of seven this week that I’m doing myself. I’m not saying it’s good but to copy is easier and faster!

[and hey! If you happen to be in my department, where we get dozens of assignments every week, you may fare worse. So try my shoes before you crucify me…lol.]

‘anyway e dey inside my lappy, if you like, copy am!’ I replied and pulled the blanket over my head. I pretended to yawn again as Etim stealthily grabbed it.

Actually, I wasn’t sleepy yet, I just want to get rid of Etim. I need to observe my daily quiet time of browsing till I fall asleep or till my phone beeps to signify low battery.

Its an habit I formed years back. I rarely sleep without browsing.

‘Ol’ boy. Your references plenty o. Na you form am?’ Etim’s voice disrupted my peace.

OMG! this guy just won’t get it! I retorted,

‘chai! E concern you? leave am, dey go your room, abeg I wan sleep!’

I eventually slept sometime past 4:30am and few minutes later -or so it seemed, I heard a familiar *rrrri i i i i innng* come from my phone and another short beep interrupting the first ring. That means battery empty!

That alarm signifies 7:00am and that second beep means I can’t snooze the alarm again cos the phone is dead. I sighed heavily and yanked away the blanket. I have to get up now or else Babi will shoot me. I closed my eyes and sighed heavily again

* * * * * * *
I struggled to my feet and dragged myself to the general bathroom. It looked unusually deserted.
‘am I the first to bathe? Today will be my first time!’

I hurried off to the lecture hall noticing that the parking lots, walkways and the entire school yard look deserted.

I peeped and saw my colleagues seated with maximum concentration on the lecturer.
Oh No! I am late again!

Coming late to Babi’s lecture is a criminal offence no one gets away with. I took a deep breath, straightened my shirt and walked in -head bowed.

‘-and why are you just coming? Babi’s voice played a scary beat on my ear drums.

‘I’m sorry sir…’ I said.

‘Sorry for yourself!’ He retorted. ‘-and where is your assignment?’

‘right here sir!’

I ransacked my small bag to get the assignment-but couldn’t find it. Could it still be with Etim? OMG. Its in my laptop in my room.

‘I’m sorry, I forgot it… at home, sir’ I mummbled and my coursemates burst into laughter.

I don’t know why they laughed but their combined laughter was quite contagious. I chuckled too and Babi thought I was playing a prank on him.

‘You think this is funny, right? Come, I’ll show you what’s hilarious!’ Babi quipped and dragged me out to the lawn outside. I prayed he wasn’t going to shoot me. He didn’t bring out his gun, instead, He ordered me to kneel and face the sun.

What the he**?!

Wait!’ Isnt this supposed to be a tertiary institution and not a primary school? There’s no way I’ll serve that punishment! I swallowed the lump in throat, and was about to protest out loud when a BLOW hit the back of my head and sent me sprawling -face down!

* * * * * * *

I turned around and the sun glared directly into my eyes. I tried to blur the rays with my palm. Then an angry face looked down at me and screamed -more like squealed!

‘Get up my friend!… After Ten don knack, you still dey roll for bed!


‘-no, you dey floor! You miss Babi class and shey you still wan spoil our group’s defence with your absence abi? Ol’ boy get up joor!’ Etim said and slapped me again.

Then my eyes cleared and my head too. Etim had opened the curtains, I have missed Babi’s lecture and now I’m getting late for my group’s seminar presentation! OMG!

* * * * * * *

That day I made a resolution. I’ll never-ever-again-forever-in-my-life browse Facebook at night! ☺

→Prince A.T.™ ♥♥♥

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