I feel THAT WAY too!


To glance at the wall clock, I looked up. I know I should get up. Its half past ten on another weekend and I’m still on my bed.
But my chores today is to do nothing.

I know I need something, or rather somebody. A person with a familiar feeling. Yes! I seek understanding, I seek a being with a words of relief and healing.

I need someone who’ll hold me and mean it when He says, ‘I Feel that way too!’

I sent texts to my friends, asking that they would please come spend the weekend at my end.

I took my time to freshen up, dress up and apply some make up.
I lied down and sat up again, awaiting d door bell to jerk me up.
But then He called in sick.
She texted me to say she was travelling,
and the others -just like my parents- had weekend engagements.

So I laid back on my bed in my empty room feeling lonely and unloved.

I switched on the TV, and wished I’ll see a song with a chorus like:

“I feel that way too!”
Faraway, I spotted my barbie doll, all alone, in a dusty corner, curled into a ball and separated from its family.
I picked it up and said, ‘I feel that way too!’

At that very moment I heard someone call my name. He told me I’m not alone.

I know Jesus meant it when He said it. Yes! I clearly heard him say,
‘Emmanuela dear, Once…I FELT THAT WAY too!’
” It was on the cross- after I was flogged. And the sins of the world was on me rolled and my father’s eyes away from me strolled.

I felt alone and forsaken.

But this you should know. its over now, I suffered loneliness that YOU might have me as friends!
(Matt. 27:45-54)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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☀→Prince A.T.™ ♥

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