TGIM! Yes! Thank God Its Monday not a Friday.

Its Monday again
Its Monday again

That title sounds strange, doesn’t it? Its does not only sound strange, IT IS STRANGE. Yeah! Mondays are Strange

We are all familiar with TGIF “Thank God Its Friday!” We all love it. We look forward to it. It sounds appealing. We compose songs for it. We post about it on our social networks, customize it on our shirt (i’m still looking for a tatoo of it).

But the reverse is true for Mr Monday. aawww! Some of us hate him. We dont welcome monday with a party.
Nobody goes around singing about it like its fun. [did I just say fun? Could there be any fun on a monday?]

So it brings me to ask a question… Is it IMPOSSIBLE to say TGIM?

I’ll give my opinion this way… (pardon me if it differs from yours. I stand to be corrected.)

is it impossible?
hmmm! It seems impossible but its possible.

Impossible because:
→Mondays scream, ‘Hurry, it’s time to work!’ but fridays sing, ‘hurray, its time to rest!’
Let’s be sincere my dear friend, who on earth does not prefer rest to work? Our body screams when we don’t get enough rest but not too much rest!

→For many, Monday marks the beginning of another stressful week. For some unlucky few, it is a day you go back to that nagging lordly boss.

Possible because:
if we put on a positive lens, we would see mondays as glorious. (not only if you are sealing a deal /contract today!)
Monday is an opportunity to Refresh, Restart and to Right wrongs.
It is a day to revive and surge forward after that refreshing retreat.
Now, what I’m saying is this.
‘Nothing Good Comes Easy’

lets deny the body some more rest and handle our mondays with a positive vigour…

…and that day of your dreams will come, your celebration, your award/prize giving day, the day you breath a sigh of accomplishment, the day you become the reason for those deafening applause… That day You can look around and say, ‘other’s said TGIF, I say…

“Thank God Its Monday”
. 
→Prince A.T.™


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