My Daily Dairy #1

You Read The Intro?
Here comes the First Episode!


Episode One

“I’ll Live my life the way I like, afterall it’s mine alone!”

“even if I die,who cares?!”

Years ago, those kind of words were mine.

Looking back now, I realize how wrong I was. I used to think I am wired to live a carefree life. I used to think I am a useless prototype that mysteriously evolved out of a congenital mistake [which is true in a sense, my parents didn’t want me.] But my perception about Myself, Love and Life in general changed three year ago. It was a gradual process that started on the 1st of January, 2010.


I don’t usually get gifts, even on Boxing day. When I got this one on first of January, I was like ‘wow!’ [RME]

It was a big box about the size of a microwave oven but quite light weighted. I was still wondering if DHL had delivered this package to the wrong address when I saw my name on the sheet of paper glued to it.
“Wura Omolabi”

My imagination ran amok. I guessed it’s a Playstation, or a DVD Home Theatre System, perhaps even a Laptop!
Whatever, I sha hoped for the best [I was gutted but in a way it was the best and it changed my life forever.]

On opening the gift, I found another box inside it packed with styrofoam like an electronic gadget. I opened it and found another box inside it, albeit smaller. Inside that one was another smaller box and another one. As I slowly opened each box inside the boxes, my hope dwindled and my anger increased. By the time I got to the 11th box I was infuriated. This box was about the size of a corn flakes pack, so I felt it won’t contain any other box and I sighed. Alas, I was wrong!

Now this trick wasn’t new to me, I’ve played it too. What I embedded then, in ‘a box in the boxes’ was a small greeting card.

[Karma was asking me to dance to a beat I once played and I learnt a lesson:
#1 “Do to others what you’ll have them do to you!”

I might have a temper fit if I find only a greeting card inside this package.

Gently I opened the 12th box and found Two Items. The best of its kind I’ve ever seen and on one of them, my name was embossed in Gold…..

—→Prince A.T.™

Episode 2 comes up shortly.

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