My Daily Diary debut!

Introducing… An Episodal Story about to be published HERE . Starting on the 19th of February, 2014.

Title= My Daily Diary
by: Hardethaewoh

It is an emotional, tears provoking story of a how the diary of a psychic influenced the life of a beautiful but reckless ‘tom-boy’ girl.
I promise you, this will captivate your emotions and attention, as you see events through the eyes of Wura, our Heroine and Narrator.

Do I need to tell you it’s FICTION? Yes! It is… [So any resemblance with persons dead or alive is purely and sincerely coincidental.]

So keep your fingers crossed, as a tom-boy unravels the undiluted Story of a Lonely Psychic from a “Straight From the Heart Diary’

Each episode has a quote and a lesson to learn… So you might wanna grab a jotter. *winks*

Don’t Go Anywhere! We’ll keep you smiling and entertained!

Feel free to share Like and Comment.

→Prince A.T.™


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