My Daily Dairy #3

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Episode 3

You know I said my heart was doing a hurdle race, yes, it jumped the gun then… So I calmly brought it back on track.

I picked up my PSP™ and played my fav track- “Life for Rent”by Dido- to calm my heart and head. I need both of them to think and act fast.

Minutes after stomping the entire area of my room- I came up with a plan. I opened my wardrobe and searched for a befitting outfit. I picked a black top, combat jeans and a camo face cap to match. As I picked up my dark Gucci sunshades and my black Prada bag, I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. ‘Wura you dey feel like a Spy on a Secret Mission, abi?’
I locked the door and stepped out.

For the first time in my life, I was really scared. I felt like 2pac -like all eyes are on me!

Usually people gawk at me, especially at my plus sized bosom- which I struggle to hide with my Tomboy dress code. But this time I felt their gaze poke me suspiciously. Thank God I had my shades on, nobody ‘ll see the fear in my eyes as I strolled down the street
* * *

Now, at the bus stop, I removed my glasses.

You might be wondering what’s up my sleeves?

It’s a quick mission with two objectives!

1. Shop for a small camera and other handy spy tools to hide in the room, just in case ‘D M’ decides to visit. [D M = Diary MAN, my code-name for the unknown diary sender. Haha]

2. Report at a police station and file a complaint of threat to life. [its the same me that attempted suicide recently]
I’m sure, Diary Man would call me back before I finish shopping. So, I’ll record the conversation and table it as evidence to the police.

Smart Idea, isn’t it? I deserve a round of applause!

So I stood there, smiling, waiting for a cab, literally patting myself for coming up with such a brilliant plan. I did not notice a sheepishly grinning man walk up to me until he tapped me.
‘You like me, don’t you?’ He said.

‘are you a facebook page?’, I retorted.
I scanned the ugly man from head to toe and back to his head and hissed. OMG! what effrontery!

‘Then why have you been staring and smiling at me?’ he asked.

‘Me? Stare at you? Not for all the riches in the world! ‘ I said and walked away. I ain’t gonna let any stupid stranger spoil my Stealth Spy Mission.

He swiftly blocked my path and said
‘You really don’t have to deny it,’ He offered his hand and said,
‘ anyway, I’m Emmy, pleased to meet you’.

If not for the scene he was causing already, I would have grabbed his hand with My Teeth!

‘sorry, I’m not pleased, so could you just bounce outta my way!’ I replied with a stern look.

I’ve never seen a more adamant imbecile. He kept blocking my path, mumbling nonsensical jargons he had crammed. I thought 20th century guys are smarter. Next thing i knew, he was mumbling something about my phone number.

I immediately knew I can’t keep waiting at this bus stop with this idiot pestering me. If I stayed a minute more, I might punch his face. So I flagged down the next commercial bike I saw. I didn’t even bargain, i just jumped on it and said, ‘computer Village’.

* * *
On the bike now, enjoying the cool breeze hitting my face, I put on my sunshades. Feeling like Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, I wished I have night vision and thermal goggles too. Haha!

*grrrin-gri i i in*
my phone rang, interrupting my reverie. I looked at the caller and sighed with relief- its not D M‘s private number!

I picked the call.

“Hello!… Longest time o!?… Oh, sorry ma… what?!… admitted?… when?… where?… Ok, Healing Stripes?… okay!… right away ma!”

“ABORT MISSION!”, I said to myself.
I tapped the bike rider

“Oga, turn around abeg, Take me to Healing Stripes Hospital, now!”

I have a New Mission Objective!

Walahi, I’ve never had a day with so much intrigue.

-> Prince A. T.™

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