My Daily Dairy #4

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Episode 4

I held unto the seat for support as the motorcylist made a U-turn.

En-route, I noticed an unusual crowd gathering at the same bus stop I stood few minutes back. There was a wrecked cab there too. The bike rider slowed down.

What I deciphered from the tit-bits and exclamations I heard from bystanders was that; the cab’s brakes failed and the taxi driver had swerved into the bus stop, crushing everything in its path until it ran into a strong pole. That was the same spot I stood few minutes earlier.

I learnt another lesson that day?

Its my #3 lesson!

“Treat all strangers well, they might be cause Ɣ☺ΰ trouble but they might turn out to be your saviour”
If that ugly stranger had not pestered me to the point of leaving -who knows?- I might be a victim of that accident.

I know some people will say that man is an Angel. I don’t believe such things but I know I had narrowly missed an accident.

Hmmm… Strange but True… Nkan mbe!

On the way to the hospital, after that emotional event, I deactivated my secret-agent mission-mode and tried to analyse the call I recieved.

The caller who claimed to be Betty’s mum, said Betty was transfered to the hospital’s ICU today and that Betty had requested to see me!

So I asked myself two questions:

1. What could be wrong with Betty? She’s usually hale and hearty and
2. Of all people in the world why would Betty want me by her bed?
. . .
. . .
Lemme tell you a lil’ about Betty. She was my best friend in the university. She was the only female friend I had. Yes, Had!
We started drifting apart when people started calling us Betty and the Beast! [you can guess who the beast is]
Then somewhere along the line, Betty became too spiritual for my liking and it was the cause of many of our quarrels, until I eventually packed out of the house.

From birth, Betty was a psychic with high IQ, and super Clairvoyance/ Precognition skills; and she went on to study psychology. Now she has added religious ‘spiri-koko ‘to it.
You can guess how weird she became!
. . .
. . .
Now I’m curious to know why she asked to see me… I sincerely hope she is not dying and I also pray I’m not falling into D M‘s trap!

* * *
We got to the hospital gate and I jumped off the bike before it stopped.
I know the walkway to the ICU by heart. [I’ve been brought there quite a number times by people who didn’t allow me to die.]

I ascended the entrance steps with speed and approached the nurses’ station. Somehow, I bumped into a guy who was asking for directions and I mumbled an apology. I tried to catch my breath as I asked the nurse, “where is Betty Anieken?”
The nurse stared at me like she saw a ghost and I imagined she was partially deaf. I was about to shout at her when the guy I stepped on, tugged at my top.

‘Come with me’, he said.

‘What’s it with strangers recently?,’ I asked as I turned to face the guy.

How wrong I was! The guy is no stranger, He is my long time, run_away friend, John Òké. [pronounced or-keh]

‘what?!’, I exclaimed, ‘Its a lie o! Hulk Oke? Or who is this I’m seeing?!’

‘-you still remember that nickname?’

‘of course! Why won’t I?’ I said. I took his inviting hands and he locked me in a tight embrace.
I missed him. I missed those days I cried on his shoulders. I missed his deep baritone voice whispering to me. I was lost in his embrace, calling back sweet memories when someone tapped me!

‘Could that be Oke’s wife? He didn’t tell me he is married or Maybe its just a jealous girlfriend. Worse, It could be D M !’ I thought to myself as I turned around.
[Sometimes I wonder if my mind was made in Aba; because this mind of mine can form fake things o!]

‘Madam you no want pay me?’ the motorcycle rider asked. He looked very angry and exhausted from searching for me.

Oh my! I had forgotten to pay him in my anxious haste.
‘sorry… My bad!’

Hulk Oke took my hand and led me to Betty’s ward in silence. As soon as I saw my friend through the glass, I freezed!

My heart started another sport and I think it is high jump this time, cos it nearly jumped into my mouth! A mild whirlwind seized my head and my eyes dimmed. I felt my legs weaken under me …

. . .
It was in that place that the shocker of my life was unveiled; Putting the icing on the cake of the most memorable day of my life!
Friday, the 1st of January, 2010!

—→Prince A.T.™

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