My Daily Dairy #5

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Episode 5

… I felt like the bones in my legs were gone. Oke saw it too and supported me. I tried to stand on my own but somehow the whirlwind in my head gained momentum and the whole lobby shone brighter to me. Oke grabbed me with both hands and I caught sight of a sparkling gold ring on his left hand. Then I blanked out.
* * *

“-is mummy really going to die?” “will she leave me alone here?” “if she dies now, will I still see her?”…my childish questions were directed at my Dad. He did not answer. He kept staring at the machine beeping beside Mommy. The graph the machine produced reduced with each beep.

. . .. . .
. . .
. . .

I woke up with a start!

I looked around me and noticed that I was in the Emergency Ward. I blinked repeatedly to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I activated a retrocogniton button in my head and I slowly remembered what happened.
. . .

The sight of Betty supported by beeping machines and an oxygen mask brought back my nightmares of how my mother died 18 years ago. I was about six then and Oke was the only friend who stood by me. He was eight years old then.

When I now saw the Golden marriage band on his hand, I felt bad, like a failure, like a mediocre without a future. He was married and I’m still single. The emotions raging inside of me was probably too much for my brain to handle, I guess that’s why I fainted.

I checked myself. Seeing no drips nor stitches on me, I got up and headed for the door.

A nurse saw me and tried to restrain me, but trust me, I eluded her.
I didn’t mind the fact that I was still in hospital clothes, I headed outside. Some people thought I had escaped from the psychiatric ward and ran away from me.
. . .

To avoid being questioned at the nurses’ station, I crawled on all four from the door to the lobby that led to Betty’s ward.

When I got to her private ward, I met Hulk and Betty’s mum there.

Did I tell you? Oke’s full nick used to be “Hulk Oke-the Psycho!” But the way they looked at me, they must be thinking I’m insane.

Without saying a word, I took a seat beside Betty. She was stabilized and awake but still couldn’t speak. Good for me, ‘cos I don’t even know what kinda words i’m supposed to say to someone on a sick bed.

. . .
I noticed that Oke was uneasy. Betty was poking him with her eyes like she wanted him to say something.

‘Hulk are you alright?’ I asked

That was when some facts that put the icing on the cake of my adventure-packed day was unveiled and I discovered how stupid I was.
. . .
. . .
Allow me to summarize everything he said:

Early 2009, Hulk -the Psycho stole something precious from Betty. It was something really personal to her and She worried so much about it till it worsened the condition of her already failing heart. On Dec. 24, 2009, Hulk came to Betty’s sick bed and confessed that he was the thief. She forgave him and asked that Hulk would do her a favour before she died and forward it to me.

Being the psycho that he was, Hulk decided to play a trick on me… If you put two on two, you’ll discover that Hulk is the Mysterious Dairy Sender I code-named D M . Also the already filled Dairy belongs to Betty.

Now you see how stupid I was? Go ahead, call me an idiot, a fool… Whatever!

Till date, I can’t fathom what triggered that feeling or why I felt like a secret spy over a Diary, without taking time to at least read just a page in it?

Maybe, it came from watching too many crime movies, Maybe!
. . .
. . .
I learnt my #4 lesson:

“Seek out the Fact and Truth in any matter…
don’t jump to conclusions!

* * *
I was ashamed of myself. But I did not tell them what I initially thought the Diary was.
I swallowed the lump in my throat and drawled, “…and what is in that Diary? What exactly is it all about?”

*absolute silence*

Nobody answered me! That means I have to find out on my own.

I tied down My Imagination for a while, I didn’t want to start to imagine silly things again.

I’ll find out what’s so precious and special in Betty’s Diary when I get home!

-→Prince A.T.™

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