My Daily Dairy #6

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Episode 6

No doubt, I was floored after that ignominious event. But trust me now, Wura Omolabi, I got over it and put on my ever lively extrovert facade.
I’m not the kinda person who whines and sulk, regretting a stupid choice I made in the past. No, God forbid!

I spent the remaining hours of my weird day beside Betty, trying to cheer her up with some crude jokes. It wasn’t so much fun as I was the only one speaking, she only responded with smiles once in a while.

At a point she stared deep into my eyes and fell into a trance for like 5 minutes. I mentioned it earlier that she has precognitive abilities

It’s true! She sees visions a lot.

Back in school, some said she was a Psychic! But I don’t believe in that trash and somehow we bonded even closer. We liked each other very much and to me, she comes next to family.

Did I just say ‘next to family’?

ofcourse not! She comes first before family ‘cos we share a lot of secrets!

That was why I felt very lonely after our friendship disintegrated.

[Did anyone notice that I haven’t said much about my family? Well, there’s not much a ‘Prodigal Son’ can say about Home]
. . .

* * *
At half past nine, I bade her farewell and went back to the ward I was in earlier. I discharged myself, took back my clothes and headed home.
. . .
. . .
After spending such a long time in a clean and tidy environment, I came to realize how unkempt my apartment was. All the way from the living room to the bedroom, it was a complete mess. I was stepping on cutleries, newspapers, bottles, novels, popcorn bowls, game pads and co. I even had to jump to avoid stepping on my laptop. It was a helluva mess.

I made a mental note to clean up the entire house, very early the next day, starting from the boxes that embedded my Mysterious Diaries. I felt very tired, having used my energy on an imaginary futile Secret Agent Mission.
* * *
I took a quick shower and sat on the bed. Now is the time to check out the contents of Betty’s Diary.

You know that adage that says:

“Never judge a book by its cover!

I made it my #5 lesson for the day after I read the Diary.

What I found there was more than I imagined Betty could ever do or write!
On the first page, in horrible calligraphic fonts, Betty wrote this:

… A spell has just been cast on you for reading my Diary without permission. Its a spell of migraine! You will hear a bang in your head in the next five seconds.
5, 4, 3, 2, …1 and Bang! . . .”

…And suddenly I heard a long whistling sound!
and a BIG BANG!

I threw the Diary away and screeeeeeamed!
. . .
. . .
I heard the whistle again and it was followed by an enormous cheer of ‘hurray’ from the street!
I ran to the window, opened it and saw a lot of people gathered outside.

Then I heard the whistling sound again and I saw the whistling object project up to the sky and then BOOM. It was a fire cracker!

It’s New Year’s day and my neighbours, all feeling gay, were shooting fireworks and firecrackers. The little boys started throwing bangers and the whole neighbourhood came alive with bangers.

I checked the time and heaved a huge sigh of relief. I laid my hand on my chest and slowly exhaled! My heart was doing some gymnastics.

Oh, I was so scared!

It’s 11:59pm on the 1st of January, 2010. Its a tradition in my neighbourhood to light fireworks, fire crackers and bangers at 12:00am and at 11:59pm every New Year! I live in a neighbourhood dominated by retired military men, so sometimes the firecrackers are accompanied with gunshots into the air.

I don’t know why it coincided with Betty’s scary Dairy!

I slowly picked the Diary back up and placed it on my bed-side stool.

My heart needs some rest, if I don’t want to have a heart attack. God knows, I’ve witnessed enough creepy and terrifying events in just a single day. I don’t want to kill myself yet!

I’ll continue reading tomorrow!

—→Prince A.T.™

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