My Daily Dairy #7

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Episode 7

. . .
2nd of January, 2010

-* * 7:00am * *-

I felt the sun rays hit my face wickedly as I opened my eyes and sat up quickly.

I just had a nightmare again. It was the same one in which I saw my mother dying. However, this one had a little twist. In it I saw my father in tears, he looked at me and in reply to my childish questions, he said,”I am Sorry!”

It’s been a long while since I last had that dream. I guess the sight of Betty must have triggered it. And strangely, this is the first time my dad spoke to me in the dream!

why did my dream change suddenly?!

. . .
Truth is, my dad sends me money almost every month, but we don’t speak to each other.

Infact, the last time I heard his voice was in 2007 when I moved out of his house.

The only time I contact him is after I get credit alerts and I send him a thank you text!
. . .

I got a flash message from Hulk the Psycho. He was asking if I’ve read the Diary and he ended the text with
“c ya at Healing Stripes! Dearie”
, I hissed!
‘Why won’t this guy lemme rest na? Diary ko, Diary ni!’

It is not the first thing I would like to read this morning.
Not after it frightened me the previous night.

I have to clean up my apartment first.
. . .
I jumped to my feet and started rearranging the room. I took out the trash. I was moving the boxes out of the room when I saw a sheet of paper on the floor.

I picked it up and saw that it was a page from Betty’s Diary. It must have fallen out when I threw the Diary away with fright.

I made to put it back in its place when a highlighted line caught my attention and had me transfixed to the spot for a moment. It was like Betty was speaking to me!

“We feed our nightmares everytime we re-visit the tomb of our regrets, carrying flowers of I-wish-it-never happened!”

…now you can call that “Food for Thoughts!”
I stood there and wondered why I’m reading this after just having a nightmare. This Diary is definitely creepy!

But in a way, the Diary was on point. It was addressing my problem and it just taught me a lesson!

I felt the urge to jot it down and I searched for a jotter.

An Idea popped up in my head,
‘why not use the other diary Hulk sent you?’

I concurred and picked it up. I grabbed a pen and scribbled in my own words my #6 lesson.

A life of regrets is devoid of progress. It is like intentionally buying a car that has no gear, and yet wishing there was a way you could reverse!”

[Its a futile endeavour! Na there you go old!]
Then I felt like,
‘why not put down all the previous lessons too, from #1 to #5?’

[Do you still rememberthe previous lessons? Maybe you should grab a jotter or a diary and write them down too]

After writing down the lessons, I put the sheet of paper back in the Diary, but curiosity overtook me and I felt like reading more.
I opened it and flipped past the ‘abracadabra’ and migraine threat page. The next pages had legible handwriting and I found it easier to read. I sat down on the bed and felt like Betty was chatting with me. She said:

Okay, so you got away without having a migraine?! Then you must be a friend!

But before you proceed, I want you to promise me you won’t share whatever you read in this Diary with anyone and that it won’t affect our relationship in anyway! … Okay? … Now cross your heart!

I crossed my heart.

Here’s a little bio of me.

My names are Elizabeth Irene Anieken. Born some twenty-something years ago.

My hobbies are singing and reading.

Since I was a kid I noticed that almost all my dreams -and occasional trances too- do come to pass. Many people call me a psychic because of that.

I am the only surviving child of my parents.

Let me add something you probably never guessed.

. . .

The doctors said my days on earth are numbered. I have this terminal disease they call . . . .”

I screamed.

This must be a joke!

I picked my sling bag, threw Betty’s Diary inside, locked the doors and headed straight for Healing Stripes Hospital!

—→Prince A.T.™

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