My Daily Dairy #8

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Episode 8
. . .

I think I know how to control my imaginations now. Through out the ride to the Hospital, my mind was blank.

I don’t want to believe what I read in that Diary, It has to be a lie!

Betty was the very lively type and she matched my pace, its one of the reasons we stuck together. She never showed any signs of weakness.

I’m sure this is a joke.

‘Is Hulk aware of this too?, I wonder.
I think he is. He knew I’ll probably come to the hospital to confirm, that’s why he added ‘… C ya at healing stripes…’ to the sms he sent me.

Then this is truly a joke, Hulk is playing pranks again!

Or a plot, it could be part of their plan!
But, if this is a plan, what is it set to achieve?

Oh no! I’m doing it again, I’m letting my imaginations run wild again!

Alright! I won’t assume again, i’ll watch event unfold itself, until I hear from the horse’s mouth.

I walked straight into the ICU and into Betty’s ward. Alas, it was empty!

No sign of Betty, her mum and Hulk.

What could be happening!

I trudged to the nurses’ station and asked my $1 million question. ‘where is Betty Anieken?’

They all stared at me like I’m insane. I looked at each nurses face and wondered if they were all deaf and dumb.

‘has Betty been discharged or was she moved to another room?’ I rephrased my question and glared inquisitively into each nurses’ face.

They all reflected my glare like mirrors.

I knew almost all the nurses, and they recognise me too as the girl whose number of suicide attempts was more than the number of their shoes.

Whatever! That is no reason for them to treat me with disdain, it’s my life afterall!

. . .

By now, all eyes in the entrance hall were on me, like I was an actress, but I didn’t care, I need to know what happened to my Friend! And fast!
‘Are you all deaf?’ I screamed!

I heard a soft, ‘No!’ It came from the audience and Hulk stepped forward.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me outside.

. . .
‘Why are you shouting? This is an hospital for chrissake!’, He shouted at me.

‘… An hospital where the nurses go dumb when they see me, like I’m Medusa?’ I shouted back.

‘Oh! Stop shouting, everyone thinks you are insane already!’

I lowered my voice.
‘okay… please, where is Betty? She’s not in her ward, was she transfered? I need to ask her a question…’

‘huuush, just calm down and let me explain!’ Hulk said. He gingerly held a disposable cup of hot coffee, trying not to spill it. I guess that’s where he went earlier.

‘I’m listening’, I said

‘I’ll take it from here’ a shrill voice said behind Hulk. He stepped aside and I saw a beautiful but short old lady. We didn’t notice she had joined us.

‘Good morning, ma!’ I greeted

‘Morning Wuraola’, she replied and came closer.
She adjusted my collar, fastened up the loose buttons that were exposing my cleavage and said,

‘your fashion sense never cease to amaze me. You could have worn something better though!’

I nodded and glanced at my reflection in the glass door.

Only then did I notice that I was still in my pyjamas! My face was oily, my hair -unkempt, I was a helluva mess. No wonder everyone stared at me like I’m insane.

Betty’s mum sensed my uneasiness and slowly pulled me farther away from the entrance towards the shade in the green lawn.
. . .

‘I’m sorry, if Betty never told you of her health condition. Sometimes I find it hard to believe too, she’s so full of life!’

I nodded. That’s true.

‘Betty has genetic Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy and the doctors claim her case is idiopathic!’

I nodded again, It was exactly what Betty wrote and I’m not sure I understand it.

Maybe she read my mind ‘cos she said,

‘In simpler words, its a kind of Heart muscle disease. She’s undergone 3 surgeries already… The doctors are conducting a surgery now. They said if it fails she will urgently need a transplant… So we are hoping for the best.’
. . .

OMG! I can’t believe my Betty is under surgery right now!

I felt a whirlwind slowly gather in my head and I almost fell. She held me and led me to sit beside Hulk. We were all tensed, expecting a doctor to come out and give us good news.

* * *

After an hour, I got bored and decided to take a stroll alone.

I brought out the Diary in my sling bag and opened it, the wind blew at the pages and opened to a random page.

I was about to turn the pages when I caught sight of three words inside a long sentence.
“Today… Wura… died…”

—→Prince A.T.™

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