My Daily Dairy #9

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Episode 9

A wave of fear coursed through my body as I glared at the words.

“today… Wura… Died…”

Me? Die ke? when?

I checked the date of entry on the diary and saw 14th Feb 2009.

Well, 2009 is past already, what is this psychic trying to say?

My heart found a skipping rope and started jumping -up -down -up -down!

So I settled my butt on a kerb beside the walkway. I’ll read to the last detail this time! I won’t jump to conclusions.

I heard Betty speak to me as I slowly read through.

In Betty’s voice:


…this year’s val is one I won’t forget forever.

I sat down jejely at this val party my course mates threw, sipping water, when this drunk guy asked me to dance with him.

Can you Imagine?! I didn’t dance with sane guys, is it a drunkard I’ll now prefer?

I first thought it was a joke, not until the stupid idiot gripped my arm and started dragging me towards the dance floor. I think the guy is not only drunk, he’s high on some cheap drugs.

I instinctively used my teeth, my God-given weapon and bit him!

He deserved it na! Abi, is that a good way to treat a lady?

But the guy suprised me and He replied with a hard slap. Then he made a fist and landed a blow on my stomach.
I felt the muscles of my weak heart contract and honestly, I saw stars.

The drunk idiot wasn’t satisfied yet and would have beaten me to a pulp if my busty tomboy friend didn’t come in.

I never knew she could fight o.

She punched the guy in the face and beat him until he apologized! The drunkard’s friend who came to help his pal was also not spared.

You need to see how everyone clapped as she help me up and out of the hall. They were shouting, ‘Wura-the Macho! Did you see that girl beat up two guys!…”

She is incredible. She selflessly defended me and saved my life today. I’ll surely repay her.

I could almost call her Jesus, my savior, cos she selflessly saved me… what if in a bid to save me today Wura died? What would I do?

I have to go now, I think my mum is approaching now. G2G

P.S.: I forgot to mention, I think Wura was a little bit high on drugs that night.

I found myself smiling, beaming from ear to ear!

The words I thought meant my death were something else!

Now I couldn’t stop smiling as I vaguely remember that night.

. . .

I looked up and saw Mrs Anieken, walking towards me.

I slid the Diary into my bag and walked up to her.

Betty’s Diary just taught me my#7 lesson!

“Patience is a Mighty Virtue that unfortunately has small slow steps, which often times does not match our pace. But if we wait for it, it has the power to untangle mysteries”

When I got closer to Betty’s mum and saw her tensed face, my smiles vanished.

She said, ‘I’ve got Good news and another not-so -good news.’

‘I’m all ears ma!’ I replied.

‘well, the surgery took longer than we expected, but the doctors said it was successful.

‘Oh! Thank God, so betty is fine now?’ I was getting ecstatic when I remembered my newly learnt lesson.

Wura, Be Patient.

‘unfortunately, there were some complications and they still have to observe her for the next 36 hours’

‘oh No!’

‘If her condition worsens, she might have to undergo another surgery…’ her voice trailed off as she burst into tears.

‘oh my God!’

‘Wura, I’m scared! I don’t want to lose my baby,’ she sobbed and I drew her closer

I couldn’t believe the wise words that came from my lips.

‘it is okay, mummy! Patience is a virtue that unravels many hidden things. Let’s just hope and pray for the best!’

Mrs Anieken was suprised! She pulled out of the embrace and looked into my face. Then she hugged me tight and said,
‘Thank you, my dear.’

I was amazed. I guess it came from reading Betty’s weird Diary.

Mrs Anieken released me and wiped her tears, she said,
‘young lady, I think its time for you to go home and change. It’s past four, you know?!

Yeah right! It’s past four and I’m still in my pyjamas!

. . .

I said goodbye and walked away.

It’s not everyday you see an unkempt young lady wearing pyjamas in the afternoon. So you can probably guess the kind of attention I got.

But I wasn’t bothered one bit. I had other things to worry about.

Suddenly, a car stopped beside me, and the driver bellowed,

‘Wura the macho, you mind if I drop you off?
. . .

—→Prince A.T.™

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