My Daily Dairy #10

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Episode 10

“Wura the Macho, you mind if I drop you off?”
The voice sounded very familiar.

I turned and saw Hulk behind the wheels of a petite convertible Chrysler sport car.

Just perfect, the knight in a shiny armour saves the damsel in distress!

Its not like I was bothered by the odd glares I was getting before, but, a magical whoosh is very welcome.

‘Thank you, Hulk the Psycho!’, I replied and hopped in.

‘I thought I once told you not to call me a psycho?’ he said.

‘-and I thought Macho was what you guys called me behind my back?’

‘I got bolder, I guess’

‘and that boldness might get you beaten!’

He hit the pedal and smiled.

‘haha, Wura, you never change!’

I smiled too and sank into the seat lost in thoughts.

Was he joking when he said he is now bolder?
I think not, he has changed alot.

He used to be a shy boy. I was more like his spokesperson in primary school.
I remember how he got the nickname -Hulk. It was in 2008 -our 3rd year in the University.
. . .

He rarely spoke in class and was usually an object of ridicule. That fateful day, a bully taunted him and called him a sissy.
I tried to defend him but ended up proving the bully right.

Oke got pissed and he threatened the bully.

‘You won’t like me when I’m angry!’ He shouted.

You know that popular line from The Incredible Hulk movie?

We all burst into laughter, wondering what he’ll do.

Oke got really angry and suddenly let out a roar. He charged at the bully, pushed him hard and sent him crashing into the tables.

Before the bully could regain his composure, Oke sent two punches into his face.

It took some big guys in the whole class to restrain Oke.

However, Oke made sure the bully got a souvenir; A broken nose and a bursted lips that had to be stitched.

The phrase Oke quoted was something we never forgot and it earned him the nick -‘Hulk Oke’!

. . .


‘And we are home!’ Hulk said, breaking my reverie.

‘Oh, thank you so much Hulk!’ I said and tried to stiffle a yawn.

I was so famished.
I dragged my dirty body out of the car and yawned again.

‘Are you hungry?’ he asked.

‘Ofcourse, I could eat mount everest right now!’ I almost said, but I had a rethink and smartly replied,
‘No! I’m alright’

This is what I thought:

If I said I was hungry, he might suggest that he’ll wait for me to freshen up, get dressed and he’ll take me out.

“What’s wrong with that?” you ask!

My apartment! Remember it is still a big mess!

I know i’m not quite lady-ish, but what kinda girl welcomes a guest and say ‘welcome to my humble filthy abode!’ ?

I didn’t want to utterly turn down his offer, so I said without thinking

‘but you can come pick me tomorrow night!

It sounded desperate right? I felt bad. It was like I was asking him on a date!

I bit my lips, quickly stepped away from the car, waved goodbye and dashed inside.

I heard him shout after me before driving off.
‘see ya tomorrow then… But clean up your house next time my lady!’

well, I guess Hulk knows a lot more about me than I admit.


. . .

I’m so so hungry. I threw the sling bag on the sofa and headed towards the kitchen.

I saw Betty’s Diary slip out onto the sofa and it opened invitingly to a random page. My stomach also gave a loud rumble.

I stood still, caught in the middle. Who should I attend to first, the diary or my stomach.

If you know me really well, you could probably guess who I attended to first?
Wow! You just read My Daily Dairy -episode 10!


I’ll like to say a Big THANK YOU to God and to you.
Thanks for following the M.D.D. Episodes, despite its awful scary suspense!

Now let me say this:

The inspiration for this series came with a mission, i.e. To reach out and touch the lives of everyday people especially fellow youths. I hope to positively impact every life that comes across this blog.

There are so many lessons and quotes embedded in this story and you’ll be doing your friends a lot of good if you SHARE. Don’t be selfish *winks*

Also, this is not a billboard you read and walk away from.
Let me know you came, you saw and left a comment!
Let me know like if you liked it, or if you learnt anything!
Feel free to criticize too, nobody is perfect!

It takes only a few seconds to comment. Let out those straight from the heart opinions.

I’ll take a deep breath now, grab a seat and watch!
I want to know if you heard me …
→Prince A.T.™


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