My Daily Dairy #12

STOP! Read Episode 11 First!


Episode 12

. . .

I thought butterflies is what everybody else feel in their belly in this kinda situation.
I felt bees buzzing in my belly instead and the muscles of my tommy tightened in a cramp.

… I guess i’m not “everybody”.

It’s not like its my first date. No, I’ve been on dates a number of times. If I count correctly, from college, I’ve had dates with four/five guys.

Suprised? Please don’t be!

I know its not up to a tenth of what other girls have had… Well
… i guess I’m not “other girls”.

‘Relax!’ I told my sprinting heart and took a deep breath.

Tonight’s date would have been easier on me if I wasn’t the one who asked him out!
I felt like slapping myself.
. . .

I dragged myself out of bed and started my pre-planned chores.

Its time to clean up my apartment.

* * *

I was dead tired by the time I finshed cleaning! I picked up my customised diary and wrote down my #9 lesson.

“procastination gains you nothing, it only compounds your work and steals your future leisure.

I checked the to-do list in my head. It’s time to go check on Betty in the hospital but I dreaded seeing Hulk. No, not after stupidly asking him out.

Then I reasoned, why am I so hard on myself? I only asked him to come take me out on a friendly dinner if its okay by him, That’s all!

No big deal! No strings attached!
For chrissake, this is someone I’ve known for donkey years!

* * *

I took my bath and dressed up in a pink blouse and skin tight pencil jeans.

My plan is to go to the dinner in the same clothes I’m wearing to the hospital. I’m not wearing any dinner gowns -I don’t even have one.

. . .

At the hospital, as usual, I didn’t pass unnoticed. However, I shut my ears to all the murmurs and walked straight into Betty’s ward.

‘Good afternoon ma’, I greeted.

‘Welcome Wura, I must commend your dressing today -you look good’

‘oh, thank you ma’

‘don’t mention it. you really look more lady-like!’ she said and adjusted my blouse. ‘muah, you look take-away!’

Thank God for my dark complexion, else I’ll be blushing now.

I scanned the room before taking a seat. No sight of Hulk Oke.

‘Oke was here earlier’ she said, ‘he promised to come back later in the day.’
How did she know I was looking for him?

I changed the subject and asked,
‘and how is Betty ma, what did the doctors say?’

She heaved a huge sigh before replying,
‘she’s still under observation, a doctor just left…’

‘Wura… Wura…’ Betty’s voice startled us and we moved closer to her. Her eyes were still closed but she was trying to speak, breathing heavily.

‘I am here Betty, just stay calm. Your mum is here too-‘
She cut in and said,

‘-beware wura …men…men …dangerous …please don’t die’, then she regained her calm and fell back asleep.

No doubt, she just had a trance in which she saw me.

All she said didn’t make much sense. We didn’t know what she saw but I know she’s trying to warn me to watch out for men. Dangerous Men!

Does that include Hulk Oke?

. . .

Mrs Anieken’s gaze followed me as I walked out of the room into ithe lawn. I called Hulk and cancelled the dinner.

“Beware of Men!…Don’t die!” Betty had warned me and that’s what I’m doing. I’m cutting all ties!

I shouldn’t have bothered. Hulk posed no danger to my life, He rather turned out to be my saviour from the ‘dangerous men’!
→Prince A.T.™

…and the countdown to 4th March begins.

Tomorrow is my day! Its less than 24hours to my birthday. Yip-Yip, Yurrah. I’m so excited!

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