My Daily Dairy #13

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Episode 13

For five long hours, my gaze was fixed on Betty. Inside my head I sang her words back to her, ‘please… don’t die!’

she must not die-she has a lot of explanations to do!

I kept ruminating on her warning… something about dangerous men.

I created a checklist in my head, listing all the men I know and I started checking off the ones I didn’t think are dangerous.

I checked Hulk, my Dad, my ever smiling doctor (shrink) and my Boss (-though horrible! )

But there are still two guys who pester me?
One calls himself Henry and the other one’s name I don’t know. I don’t really know much about them or what they could do and I don’t want to.

Could they be the “dangerous men”?
* * *
Mrs Anieken broke my chain of thoughts. She said,

‘Wura… Its getting late…’

‘ehm… Yes…’

‘don’t you think you should head home now?’

‘hmmm… I guess… but I don’t think I want to go home. I… ‘

‘its because of what Betty said, right? …you have been lost in thought for hours now’

‘yeah… Its confusing’

‘I know, but you still have to go home, tomorrow is monday -you know?’

‘I know ma… But I’m scared… What if they are waiting for me at home? -I mean the dangerous men!’

‘what if that vision is not meant to happen today? will you keep waiting here?’

And that is a fact I haven’t considered! Betty didn’t say its gonna happen today!

I heaved a sigh and Mrs Anieken helped me to my feet.

‘Wura, I know exactly how you feel… Though these premonitions are meant to forewarn us but most times we don’t know when and we just have to rely on our good luck.’


‘you just be careful, it is well’

‘thanks ma!’

‘goodnight my dear’

. . .
I stood at the hospital’s gate, expecting a cab, when this Toyota Hilux stopped beside me.

I said to myself,
‘here comes danger!’ and moved away.
The vehicle moved closer to me and I read ‘ArchiHOMES’ printed on the door. This is a construction company’s car.

would a kidnapper use a company owned car?

I moved farther away and the vehicle followed me, the driver is up to something. The tinted windows slowly rolled down and a man still wearing a construction site helmet beckoned to me. With a deep voice he said,

‘Wura… and where are you running to?’
—→Prince A.T.™

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. . .

I’m sorry I couldn’t publish this episode yesterday… It is due to some ‘circumstances beyond control’. Yesterday was my birthday and I must confess I had a funfilled and equally stressful day.

Beloved followers of this Series/blog; please note that
subsequent episodes will now be published three episodes per week.
It is due to my recently jam-packed schedule which is likely to continue for a while.

Please bare with me. It’s absolutely beyond my control. Thanks for your understanding.


3 thoughts on “My Daily Dairy #13

  1. Suspense packed script! Weldone Its a great work you’ve been doing so far -I must commend …its a pity though, *sad_face*


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