My Daily Dairy #14

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I heard a deep voice,
‘Wura, …where are you running to?’

My heart started playing ping-pong wickedly against my chest.
I let my auditory system sample the voice and it was identified as a somewhat familiar voice. I braced myself and looked up at the man wearing an helmet and smiling at me in the vehicle.

He was grinning now and in a softer -more familiar voice, he said,
‘what’s up guy?’

He took off his helmet and I saw his face more clearly, smiling from the dim interior of the car.

I spread my five fingers into his face and cursed.
‘Your Father! What?! …Wetin dey worry you na? Stop scaring me… Do you want me to have heart attack?’ I raved on.

I was angry, very angry. Angry at Betty for getting me so edgy with her revelation, angry at him for playing tricks on me again, angry at myself for letting my mind imagine vain things. I felt like punching Hulk in the face.

‘Hulk, warn yourself o! Don’t play silly pranks with me again… I dont like it.’

His stealth skills is one of the reasons why we call him Hulk the Psycho!

. . .

He apologized and offered to take me home. I was angry and wouldn’t have accepted his offer if not because its late and I couldn’t find any cab.
. . .

Halfway to my apartment, my anger subsided and I was more bothered by Betty’s vision.

Suddenly Hulk asked,
‘why did you cancel the dinner?’

I did not answer and he continued.

‘I don’t know what you think the dinner was about, I just wanted a nice place for us to sit and talk, to me, its just two guys who haven’t seen each other for a long while, catching up over a meal.’

I smiled a bit there, its funny the way he calls me a guy. But I didn’t say a word.

He said, ‘okay, it seems my guy is too tired to talk tonight, we’ll talk tomorrow. Okay?’

He gave me a pat on the shoulder and said,

‘ I said I’m sorry, are you still angry with me?’

‘No, not anymore… You are a psycho afterall.’

He smiled and asked,
‘so what is bothering my guy now? You’ve been very quiet.’

I couldn’t lie to him, so I let him in on Betty’s caution about ‘dangerous men’. He listened with rapt attention and sighed when I finished.

‘it’s a pity you still don’t trust me… and added me to the ‘Dangerous Men’ list.’

I reactivated my mute mode and looked away.

‘alright then, let’s hope for the best. You just be good… Stay at alert always. …and please, don’t try any ‘Wura the Macho’ fighting skills on any man. Okay?’

I nodded my head, He was starting to act like my elder brother. I thanked God we were already at my door.

Immediately the car pulled to a stop, I dashed out and mumbled goodnight without looking at him.

Strangely, I did not hear his car immediately zoom off, but I didn’t look back to see why he is still parked there.
I got to my door and inserted my key. But I found out it wasn’t locked.

That’s strange isn’t it?
I felt a bit awkward but I shrugged it off. ‘Maybe I forgot to lock it’, I thought.

I opened the door and noticed that all lights were out.

Now that is strangely weird! I’m very sure I didn’t switch off the light in the morning- No, its not my habit. I don’t switch off my living room lights.

I made for the switch, located it easily and was about to press it when I heard someone say,


I paused but my finger was still placed on the switch. I’m sure the voice came from someone in the dark living room.

I considered my options:
1. If this guy is an armed robber, he is probably pointing a gun at me right now.
2. this surely isn’t another prank of Hulk the Psycho?! He just left in a car now… and if it is, I would like to see the speaker’s face.

Whichever one it was, I would like to sight danger before I flee. I pressed the switch and quickly ducked, just in case the robber was gonna shoot.

The lights came on and I came face to face with danger.

Can I say dangers? -cos right in front of me were three rough looking armed men and you can be sure they weren’t smiling.

Two of them wore masks and they pointed their guns at me.

I wanted to go for the door, but my legs refused to move. Then I remembered what Hulk said,
‘…please don’t try any ‘Wura the Macho’ fighting skills!…’

I didn’t know what to do, I was practically shivering. My heart too got too scared and forgot to pump blood… and I FAINTED!
—→Prince A.T.™

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