Yeah, thats the word… I’m not hooked; I’m just booked.
“let me say prestissimo.”

I know I left many people hanging (especially on the the MY DAILY DAIRY series ). For that, I’m very very very sorry and I definitely plead ‘Guilty’.

…But then, some questions arose that I have to answer. The questions went like,

“Hey, Hardethaewoh , are you out of ideas?”

”is your inspiration jammed?”

“it seems you are hooked, or are you experiencing the Writer’s Block?”

…for those who don’t know, WRITER’S BLOCK means the inability to produce new works. It can range from weeks to years… according to Leo1997mj.

But my answer to all the questions is a capital N O ! I’m not hooked I’m just booked.

I don’t even believe in such things! I never run out of thoughts and my thought engine is not jammed, and never will… I only gave it a little shift of focus.

I said in one of My Daily Dairy posts that my schedule’s changed and sincerely I’ve been extremely occupied… Presently, I’m neck deep in assignments, tests and projects… added to the list now is my Final EXAMS!

So you see, I’m currently booked with my books.

I’ve even logged out of Facebook in order to squarely Face my Books.

But SMILE, everything that has a beginning has an end. Exams will soon be over before we know it.

I’m working on the remaining episodes of My Daily Dairy and i’ll schedule them to auto-post very soon.

So, please stay tuned! I’ll be right back. Just Wish me the best and remember,
Whatever you do, never stop Smiling!

I’ll see you in a jiffy! Click to connect on Facebook ,Twitter, Google+ ,and LinkedIn

#much love ❤
|—→Prince A.T.™ ☺


4 thoughts on “Not HOOKED; Just BOOKED!

  1. Yeah….u referred to my blog… thank ya ! But then since people ask whether ur “booked” and stuff… it means you’re missed ! Hurray 😀


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