The Day before Yesterday

Friday; ‘the Day before Yesterday’ was not what it ought to be!
It didn’t go too nicely for me…and I guess it all started with my attitude in the early hours of the day.

“hahaha-haha!” I was laughing and shedding tears. I was browsing one of those incredibly funny comedy blogs. My good mind was telling me to go to bed. “Remember, you have to go to work tomorrow!”
But my not-too-good mind countered, “doesn’t matter, browse more…you’ll surely wake up on time. You know how we do it back in school na!”.
Well, summary is; I kept browsing until sleep overtook me around 4:00am.

**7:45 am**
I woke up with a start; someone was knocking on the door. “Are you not going to work today?” Daddy asked.
I checked the time and exclaimed,
“yeee! Temi bami (my own don meet me)”.
I guess I shouldn’t have said such negative words first thing in the morning, because the whole day turned out to be (lemme call it) dramatic.
While bathing in haste, I splashed water on the floor and slipped. I shook it off and quickly got dressed. I picked up my bag and rushed out of the house.
There was no okada (commercial motorcyclist) in sight, so I had to trek to the motor park. I waved down the first cab I saw and rushed in, praying the driver would see my haste and drive quickly through the traffic. But this driver refused to move and he calmly asked,
“Oga, you get change? Bcos I no get change this morning o!”
I said yes and dipped my hand in my pocket to show him the money. That was when I realised there was no money on me. I left my money in the trouser I wore the previous day.
Embarrassed, I scampered out of the cab and started walking back home (running actually). I heard drum beats from a primary school close by. That is to say the time is 8:15. ‘Twas 15minutes past my resumption time and I’m still on my way back home.

At my work place, everywhere was silent, everyone had settled in their offices. I glanced at my wristwatch and thanked God I wasn’t living in Lagos else, I’ll probably still be stuck in some traffic jam. I scanned the parking lot and sighed when I didn’t see my boss’ car in the lot. That should be lesser trouble for me, I thought. As I walked through the hall to the receptionist’s desk to pick up the key to my office, I felt like 2pac (cos all eyes were on me). I pasted a smile on my face and mumbled a good morning. As I grabbed my key, she whispered something and pointed to my hair. I didn’t grab what she was trying to say but I took my hands to my head and OMG I forgot to comb my hair.
As I walked down the lobby to my office I glanced at my reflection in the glass and my-oh-my! I looked horrible, with swollen eyes, uncombed hair and a twisted shirt collar.

**9:15 am**
*knock-knock* …and without waiting for a response he walked in. I instinctively minimised the drawing I was working on.
That’s Mr N, He’s not my boss, but he is a bossy supervisor. I call him the senior messenger (in his absence –ofcourse!) He is like the ‘acting manager’ here, overseeing everything and you can be sure he is a troublesome package.

“Did you just come in?” He asked.
“ehm…no… No sir.” I stammered.
I came late – I know
– but I didn’t just come in. He waved his hand -like he was saying “whatever”- and came over to my table.

“Architect F. O. asked me to collect a drawing from you.” He said “I want to believe it is ready.”

That’s the problem; I didn’t finish the drawing the previous day so I made it my ‘take-home assignment’. Trust PHCN, there was no electricity when I got home. The generator was switched off at 10:00pm and I used my laptop till 12:25 am when the battery became low. That was when I picked up my phone to visit the comedy blogs that kept me awake till 4:00. My initial plan was to wake up and get to work very early and give it some finishing touches before 9:00. Obviously my plan didn’t work out.
“Yes… No… I mean it’s almost ready.” I stammered.
The look he gave me is best not described. I told him I’ll be through with it soon and he walked out.

*Griiin-grrrrrrrriiin! The office intercom rang.
The receptionist called to tell me I had a guest, Yomi. Now, Yomi is a friend that wouldn’t come looking for me unless he has a problem with either Autodesk Revit or his Laptop. And he is that kind of friend that you just can’t turn away.
He was ushered in and with a wide grin on his face, he said,
“Ore, how far? My Revit don crash o. I know you’ll help me find a solution.”

Well summary is; I tried, but I couldn’t find a solution to his problem and he left dejected and complaining. He would have to pay someone to fix it. I guess I just wasn’t in the right state of mind. He wasn’t happy and I also felt bad.

My stomach started rumbling. I thought it was a joke until I visited the toilet twice in 40mins. Just the perfect icing on a *i-dont-even-know-what-to-call-it* day!

*in a taxi, on my way home*

I met the world’s oldest parrot! The taxi driver ia a born talkative!
He continued talking, despite my frowned face showing lack of interest in his crude stories.
My stomach was rumbling and I prayed he’ll get me home on time before I desecrate his taxi. Sincerely, I felt like slapping him & grabbing the steering.

** Around 06:30PM**
*In my room, on the bed*

I was restless; turning and twisting from one end to another. I began to replay the event of the whole day in my head, looking for where it all went wrong. That was when my ‘Good Mind’ reminded me of the first thing I said when I woke up. “Temi Bami!”
I felt like flogging myself but since there’s no undo (Ctrl+Z) in the hands of time, I decided not to bury myself in regret!
So I started playing HITMAN to cheer myself up. Thank God I had no ‘take-home-assignment’!

**06:45AM TODAY**

I had a pretty good day yesterday, it was another eventful weekend…and I’m inspired to post this to tell you about my friday.

The first words I said yesterday morning were ‘Thank You Lord’ and I said a prayer. I think it had a good effect on my day. This weekend was great!

Well, My Conclusive Summary is; Be Positive!
Think and speak positively, It impacts the way you feel. Your feeling affects your attitude to events and people around you! Your attitude invariably affects your altitude.
And of course, (don’t be like me) sleep early …“Early to bed = Early to rise!”

Catch ya soon,
Keep smiling,
→ Prince A.T. ™♥ ☺


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