I should be sorry too?!

I am sorry Dad

I am sorry Dad (c) cafepress.com

Mum started nagging again, this time; Dad supported her.
‘I am eighteen’, I yelled back and stomped out. I need to take a stroll.

…Something dropped on the path, it was a letter torn in pieces. Then a “Sorry Dad” card, a “Get Well Soon” card, a “Thank You Dad” card and more shreds of paper.

I looked up and saw her seated on the window sill. Regretting, with tears in her eyes, she tore everything. She never got the chance to say sorry nor deliver the cards.

Her dad died this morning; some hours before she returned from the JDCP. (Juvenile Delinquency Correction Program.)

PS: this post is a Writing 101 assignment I wanted to see if I could write a story in a 100 words…& that was it in 105 words- I guess I passed!?!


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