The Marketplace

in the market

…in the market place

* * * * *
A place I like to go for a stroll -the marketplace. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from this place. Rowdy though, but filled with weird experiences that sometimes make me laugh.
Every time I pass through this marketplace. I can’t but notice how many different faces fill this place -diverse people from diverse places.

Everywhere around me,
People were buying and selling
Some haggling and cursing
Some were just window shopping.
But everyone was busy with something
Or they just continued walking

Diverse people with various shapes;
Male and Female, young and Old:
The beautiful and the not-too-beautiful (no ugly person)
The light skinned and the dark skinned.
Then the short and the tall!

and Oh! Talking about the tall,
I dunno why I easily see the top of everyone’s head?
Most people here are like five feet plus,
Yet, only a few can look me in the eye without tilting up their heads.
…that’s by the way anyway… we’ll describe me later!

Awestruck at God’s unfathomable creative awesomeness, I didn’t know I had stopped moving.

“Hey! …Excuse me! …tall man, are you asleep on your feet?” she quipped. I looked down and saw this woman trying to squeeze through the crowded path.
“Here is another spectacular God’s creation”, I thought.

Short, plump and round; she looked up at me like I was a skyscraper. She was hugging grocery bags and gasping for breath whilst trying to get to her car parked few metres ahead.

I offered to help and judging from the way she dumped the bags on my chest, I knew she was more than grateful. I was just the perfect Balm of Gilead to ease her pains.

“Thank you mister, you are a rare kind!” she said, squeezing into her car.

“You are a rare one too” I drawled, waving goodbye to the woman and the market.


PS: Did you notice the absence of adverbs all through this post? Well …I couldn’t believe it myself!. I just scribbled a post without using adverbs!

This write-up was inspired by the Writing 101 prompt , Death to Adverbs’
Prince A. T. ™

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