No Friction in Fictions?

Today’s prompt asks If I were to choose between fictions and non-fictions, what would be my choice?!
(weℓℓ, just in case you also don’t know.)
I would read fiction, seven times seven times before I touch non-fiction!


I want to experience the creativity of a writer. I’d like to admire and celebrate that awesome mind that created a scene and described it so well, it felt so real!

It kinda makes my imagination to flow without frictions.

Fiction allows me visualise what I read.
Non fictions leave me finding the truth in what I read!
Some even push me to pity.

It takes a wise man to imagine create, and describe!
And a wiser man to read, understands and be inspired!

If aℓℓ those aren’t still much of a reason!? -well, take it, I just love fictions!… End of story!

Abeg, When next you visit the library, and you’re faced with options, ask yourself, do I want non-fiction, friction or fiction?!

Don’t ask for my opinion… I told you my first choice already!
Prince A. T. ™

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7 thoughts on “No Friction in Fictions?

  1. I LOVE fiction, but I have read some pretty bomb non-fiction as well. You’ve heard about real life being “Stranger than fiction,” which is often great, but sometimes it takes some serious writers to make even mundane topics in non-fiction wonderful!


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