The Beauty and The Beef

Today I practically saw cruel glaring eyes grab hold of a lady’s leg, strike her down and tear her into pieces!
You know that’s a kind of metaphor -right?! This is not a scary, horror film! Its my own kind of “foreshadowing”

* * * * * * *

crying woman

crying woman

I was in a shopping mall, to pick up some beverages when it happened.

This lady walked in,- coincidentally and unfortunately- at a time when many heads were turned towards the entrance door. She was no doubt beautiful, but what gained her special attention and cruel jungle justice was the aisle she headed to!

I had picked up the beverages I came to the mall for, so I also headed for her aisle.

Now between the dozen steps I took to get to the beginning of the aisle, I overheard tons of gossip, whispers, slanders and exclamations.

“Oh! I can’t believe she’s actually going to the frozen foods section”
“-not just any frozen food, she’s pointing to the porks and beef!”

“Some people just don’t know what’s good for them!”

“Honey, please tell me I’m not as fat as that woman!”

“obviously some people have never heard of the word diet!”

“-maybe she’s planning to eat herself to death!”
“- Oh-my-God! She’s so fat!

A wife was hitting her husband for staring too much at the Big and Beautiful lady!

Now I had no intentions of purchasing beef, I was just going over to find out the price. But the murmurings all over the place, triggered my curiosity and I found myself walking towards the Big Beautiful and Fat lady.

She was sniffing into her hanky when I got to her, trying hard to hold back her tears!

“Miss, are you alright? …Is there a problem?”, I asked out of sympathy and moved closer.

She sneezed, “This is meant for my neighbour’s children…” she said, pointing to the assorted chunks of meat she was buying…”

I didn’t ask you why you are buying them in the first place! I thought to myself.

“…You know. …every time I come into this mall… everyone makes it their duty to censor what I buy…”

I nodded, “now I understand”

She continued, “I was chatting with one of my neighbour’s kids when she swore she’s not tasted meat since Christmas! I was shocked and I decided to give them a treat… ” she burst into tears.

Admist tears she continued, “…but my body size has become a reason for everyone to condemn me without knowing my intentions! They all me stare at because I’m… I’m …because I am…” and her voice dwindled with tears.

I could see she was struggling to say the three letter word; F A T!

Oh! I see… ” I murmured. I felt her pain and was so moved with pity!

“many people think I’m buying the beef and pork for myself… Why would I do that? When my body is already laden with… Ffffaaat!” she blurted out.

I tried my best to console her and offered to help her with her shopping before we parted ways that day.

i felt her pain

i felt her pain

But it got me wondering, “how many times have we condemned others without knowing their real intentions!?!”

And come to think of it, you don’t get to choose your body size… You can only work on it. Not everybody became obese because they love eating chocolates, fats and junks, it was hereditary for some!

Why do we find it easy to point at the speck in the eyes of others when we have a log in ours…
Even if your hands are clean it’s not a license to point accusing fingers!

I’ll leave you with this song;

All things bright and beautiful,
all creatures great and small,
all things ‘cute’ and wonderful;

God loves US all! Big or small… Thin or Fat, Tall or short!

Prince A. T. ™

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8 thoughts on “The Beauty and The Beef

    • Its not really complicated?
      …A fat lady gunning for cholesterol laden pork gets people who –act like they– care, to raise their eyebrows! -But what the self appointed jurors don’t know is that she wasn’t buying it for herself, she’s doing it for love and charity!
      That’s all to it! ☺


    • Oouch! Sorry, I had no intentions of confusing you Lachicfleur… That’s why I prefer to say I am still a scribbler and not yet a writer… I scribbled the whole thing down as it came to my mind!

      I’ll try harder next time… Thanks a lot!


  1. The cycle of judge before you know and tell every fat person what’s good for them…
    It’s something the world has to leave behind, it can be really painful and I def have experience with this


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