Lost but Found!; Amazing Grace

Today’s Prompt said to write about a lost and found thing!
“In your “lost and found” tale, tell us something larger — a life lesson, perhaps— about finding and losing something.

once lost...now found

once lost…now found

The first thing that came to my mind was this old song… Amazing Grace!
Before I sing the song … allow me to share this story with you!

I walked into the bank one monday morning very broke. I had less than 600 Naira on me. My plan was to deposit my last cash before proceeding to the ATM machine to withdraw all the money in the account, since ATMs only dispense cash in multiples of 1000. Shey you don get the idea abi?

I was a bit ashamed, depositing such a meagre amount of money, but I managed to keep my head up. I entered the tellers cubicle and the guy I met had this cute welcoming smile pasted on his face.

“good morning”, he beamed. “please sit down”

I smiled back and presented the deposit slip and my small cash. The guy looked up at me and smiled again, “you are paying into your personal savings account, right?” he asked.

“you can be sure of that” I smartly replied.

He wrote down some things, asked me to sign, stamped the slip and still smiling he pointed to another cubicle,

“Sir, to complete your transaction, please meet that lady with a black head gear over there.” he said, “thank you for banking with us.”

I must confess, the way he said that “thank you…” wasn’t the usual programmed mechanical voice bankers use… He said it like he meant it and I was thrilled. He actually made me feel good and more confident!

Now that’s the kind of persons I love to meet; people who warm hearts with smiles!

So I marched to the lady with a tight black head gear -infected with his smiles- thinking all bank staffs are amiable; but I was so so so wrong!

Her face did not even look like a lady, she looked like a mother of six, who didn’t sleep overnight! When I scanned her left hand and found no wedding ring I reminded myself to quit judging people!

She didn’t ask me to sit, but I sat nonetheless. She didn’t smile or say a word, she just opened her palm in my face, like “hey, mister man, gimme the slip, let’s get this done and so you can get out!”
I didn’t mind the attitude, I forged a smile and mumbled a good morning!

-no reply!

Then she spoke to me, more like she murmured.

I didn’t hear her and I said ,”come again?!”

She mumbled the words again

“Sorry, I can’t hear you,” I said and drew closer.

Then she yelled “I said, let me have your ATM card!”

...she yelled... (this pix is an exaggeration)

…she yelled… (this pix is exaggerated)

For a brief moment, every activity in the banking hall was paused and every head turned in our direction.
The lady in the next cubicle whispered, “Hajia, please take it easy”

I was embarrassed but I shrugged and kept calm. I gave it to her and watched her punch numbers on the POS machine. Then she removed my card, pushed it to me and mumbled something again.

“You said?” I asked. When I got no reply, I asked if I was good to go. It seems I am not welcomed there.

-no reply

She showed me her palm, like stop! or was it wait?!
I am not good at reading signs. But I remained seated and then she printed a receipt and murmured again!

I didn’t comprehend what she said yet I dreaded another outburst. On other days I would probably take back my money, walk out and come back when I feel like. But that day, I could not leave. I needed money and I dare not leave the bank’s premises without it! So I summoned courage and asked
“sorry, I didn’t get you?”

Na for dia yawa come burst!
Twas like I poked a ripe swollen pus!

“are you deaf?” she yelled, “I said your transaction is complete, you can leave!”

Chai! Omo see insult! Embarrassment is an understatement!

Curious eyes turned my way and it seemed everyone wanted to see my reaction. I felt like punching her!

this is also an exaggeration... (you can be sure this is not me)

this is also an exaggeration…(you can be sure this is not me)

My brain switched into action and started producing insulting words to repay the lady woman in kind.

“I am not deaf! …thank you for asking. I think you are the dumb one who needs to see a doctor! …And please when you go to the hospital, let them check your brain too. I think you are sick upstairs! …Or why else would you be attending to me like we’ve had a fight before!…if you have problems at home must you bring it to work?
…see, I’ll advice you to quit your job if you are not happy with it! Ahh ahn? What did I do wrong? I am a customer and I should be treated right!

* * * * * * *
Put yourself in my position for a moment and imagine what your reaction would be?!

Won’t you give her a piece of your mind?… you’ll make her understand that she did a wrong thing, right?… You would report her behaviour to a senior staff or even ‘Servicom’…

That and many more were options I could have used; then people will gather in support of me, the bank manager would probably make her apologise to me too.

But what exactly would I achieve by shouting back at her? Okay, I would get an eye for an eye; tooth for tooth! – and then what?

Well… Sorry to dissapoint you… I didn’t do or say any of the above things! I considered it though!
This is what I did:

I slowly stood up and said,
“sorry, I didn’t hear you the first time.” I picked up my card and slip and said “Thank you, goodbye!”

* * * * * * *
Now, you can go on and condemn my reaction as cowardly, shy or whatever! I do have my reasons.

¤ Many years ago, I made a decision to try in my little capacity to positively affect my world! I made a decision to illuminate my small world with at least a smile and I won’t compromise that because of a minor issue!

I actually know a lot of stuffs I could say and do to make her regret her actions, but I lost the zeal & power to do them when I found Christ!
…more like Christ found me!

¤ On occasions like this, I would have lost my patience… But not anymore… I have found peace, love in place of hatred and I’ve found happiness instead of sadness!

I so much love Pastor Oluleti’s definition of Patience as: Counting Down before Blowing Up.
Counting down gives you time to ask yourself, “is it worth it?”

I’ve come to understand that it is very hard and it takes a strong man to keep silent when others would blindly shout!

Now I am not saying I am a saint. I get angry too but I have found grace– that Amazing Grace of God -to keep quiet in some situations!

¤ Many everyday people we see smiling/frowning have their own personal battles they fight and the way we handle things differ. Some are strong enough to conceal it but she might be among the few who take it out on others! I’m not saying that’s a good reason to be irritable but me screaming back won’t help either of us!

Let’s just say I am obeying my masters instruction… Love your neighbour, …pray for those who oppress you … By this shall men know that ye are my disciples! (John 13: 34-35)

You might also want to read 6 virtues that can make your life Happier! by Aminelle Nali

Now the old popular song I promised to sing…

Amazing grace,
how sweet the sound,
that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I’m found;
was blind but now I see.

photo credits= www. mtzpresbychurch.net, thesocialnetworkingnavigator.com, stuff.co.nz
→ Prince A.T.™ ☺

Are you against my decision or in support? You have a different approach, opinion or believe…or you’ve had a similar experience? Feel free to share them (straight from your heart) in the comment box below!


22 thoughts on “Lost but Found!; Amazing Grace

  1. Hi! I was searching for some inspiration to help me put my thought into words and somehow your post helped. Thanks for that 🙂


  2. That sounds like a terrible experience D: I’m proud of you for having the strength to walk away! That’s not cowardly at all. In fact, that’s probably the brave and godly thing to do. I enjoyed reading this story and I look forward to reading more! Bless the Lord for working in such positive ways in your heart 🙂


  3. It is very hard to face insults and not react to it and it takes a man of integrity to walk away. This proves that God can make a big difference in our lives. Thank you for finding my blog and liking it. I truly enjoyed yours and find it uplifting. May God bless you richly.


    • Yes, God is still in the business of helping us make a difference…& it requires our conscious efforts too… If this world is going to be a better place -its in OUR hands!

      Thank you very much… God bless you too. Amen!


  4. Ade. This is a true experience? Some bankers are really rude oh but that aside sha, you did the right thing..
    You exhibited meekness, calm head in hot situations, and left a lovely fragrance behind for the lady that can hopefully turn her around.
    It’s not always easy, but the rewards for not doing like others do but acting like Christ instead are numerous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • …when it happened… I didn’t really have the time to remember my resolutions, take deep breaths & calm myself…but somehow God just helped me and made sure the inflammable dynamite called anger didn’t see her attitude as an ignitive spark
      …and looking back now…sincerely I think I have no regrets but rewards!

      Thanks Frances


  5. This story is, for me, an affirmation of my decision to change myself for the better. I, too, made a decision to be a kinder person and to hopefully bring some joy to the world. It’s not always easy, and there will always be tests. Thank you for sharing your light with us! Best, Karen 🙂


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