Serving My Fatherland

So I’ve not been around for a while now… Yeah…

I’ve been called to serve my Fatherland -Nigeria in Jalingo, Taraba state in the National Youth Service Corps!



Abeg where taraba dey inside nigeria o?

that was the question I asked when I received the callup letter and I had to refer to the map of Nigeria.
Map of Nigeria

So from Oyo state where I live, I was posted all the way to Taraba, in the north-east of Nigeria on the border of Cameroon. The distance looks direct and pretty straight right?
Well, in-case you don’t know… It took two days by road to get to Jalingo(Taraba state) from Ibadan (Oyo state).

So Taraba state is where I am presently and where I’ll be at least for 21days + 11months (the duration of the orientation camp + service year ).

…And dwelling in an NYSC Orientation Camp is like living in a military barrack. Our time and activities are regulated and planned out. Even the time to eat or sleep!
It requires that one participates in exhausting military drills that leaves one very tired.

Life here on camp hasn’t been stressful all through though, there are some social intersactive activities too. I’ve indulged myself in a number of activities & groups. I’m not the type that loves to sit idle when I can contribute. Its just not my nature.

Cultural Dance display

Cultural Dance display

The orientation camp experience is said to be the most funfilled aspect of the NYSC scheme and I plan to maximize & enjoy its every moment whilst also trying to positively affect others.

...with platoon members...

…with platoon members…

So I am actively involved in the drama group of my platoon, I’m practising for our inter-platoon races and also I’m in the Drama unit of NCCF, Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship and some other stuffs.

There are over 2000 Corp Members here and its very interesting to meet people of diverse ethnic groups, religion, beliefs and statures.

Funny incidents happen everyday, on the parade, in the hostels, in the dinning hall… everywhere!

No worry ehn?! I no say you like tatafo, I’ll give you the gist one of these days.

I know by God’s grace and Love sha….ALL SHALL BE WELL

Till I catch ya sometime soon…

—→Prince A.T.™☺

PS: Let your mind be at rest; Taraba state is faraway from the ‘boko-haram’ insurgency wahala …its miles away from Borno state and has a large number of christians


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