Happy New Year Friends.

Recently, I had a challenging period and I walked up to a friend for advice.
Amongst the many things he said, there was one sentence that struck a cord in me.
“There is light at the end of the tunnel.”


Now, I don’t know for sure who first said those words or where it originated from. But, over the years, I’ve heard those words over and over from preachers, motivational speakers, friends and family and many persons trying to encourage & instill hope.

Being the optimist that I am, I find it to be a very comforting line cos it encourages one to expect better things in the future; i.e ”at the end of the tunnel.”

Now this post is not a rant about an already popular cliché, it is meant to answer the question many people fail to consider. The question is;

“What happens meantime in the tunnel?”

yeah… Its true, we have our eyes, hope, attention, imagination and expectation on what the end of the tunnel has in store for us. But would it be out of place to ask… “What actually happens in –this here place– the tunnel!”

Before we get to that bright glorious light ahead, I think we should know what to expect in the tunnel.

So this post is my thoughts on what the tunnel looks like. More like; THINGS to expect while IN THE TUNNEL!
(Please feel free to add your thoughts too in the comment box!) Here is my view of:Mysterious tunnel to the light



This is one most likely thing in a tunnel. A tunnel is not a wide walkway or lawn where you get to take a walk with all your friends, families and loved ones whilst holding hands. No! The tunnel experience is most times a narrow individual experience. It narrows your association to a nuclear unit. You might have to do away with excess luggage. You might even have to stoop or crawl to pass through!
It is a time you face many battles on your own.

It’s the time you get to know your real friends!

I remember many years ago, during holiday visits to an aunt who lived close to a railway line; how my endeavours to count the number of horizontal rail tracks that was laid from the back of the house to the farm always turned futile.
It was always a boring confusing count! Counting those horizontal boards was very tiring because they all look alike and continuous without end! So I tend to mix them up and forget which one I counted last.
Sometimes I restart & sometimes I just continue counting & leave the confusing ones out!

The tunnel experience can be similar to this! I used the word circle because its a time when situations and troubles seem unending. It doesn’t necessarily mean all tunnels are tubular. It could be square but it surely has a repetitive pattern!

Things seem unchanging and troubles just seem to keep coming!

Please don’t give up, keep keeping on and never take your eyes off that light at the end of the tunnel.


Obstacles are one sure thing to expect. Don’t expect the insides of the tunnel to be smooth without bumps and corners. No, it has its fair share of obstacles. Its rough, bumpy and dirty. And worse still, the obstacles are more difficult to sight, size up or prepare for because of the absence/reduced rays of light.


The tunnel is that time of trouble and sorrow, that gloomy time when you feel like letting go. Its a place you grope to find a way out.

Its that season; when you earnestly want to be anywhere else but in the darkness; when the future seems bleak and unsure; when you hope for even the tiniest incident rays of light & hope and could hardly find.

Yes, that and more happens in the tunnel! Its a place to stay alert!

Jesus gave an assurance when he said, “…be of good cheer… (John 16:33)
It is but for a while…it will surely come to an end. You are an overcomer if only you believe.

Though sorrow may last for a night, Joy comes in the morning (psalm 30:5)

Just see the tunnel as a place of training.

Remember that promotion comes after examination.

Please borrow my lens and see things the way I’m seeing them:
¤ If there’s no darkness, we would find it hard to define light, right?
Without problems we won’t coin the word solution, right?
If there were no crying/tears we might not appreciate laughter, would we?

The tunnel is that place that makes you appreciate the glorious sweeter future!

So ‘do not despise your little beginning’… That light at the end of the tunnel is worth fighting for!


While working & walking towards that light, you should however;

¤ Never lose hope

¤ Pray & ask God for strength

¤ Be optimistic

¤ Think Positively and please

¤ Keep smiling (it is the light of your soul )

“Life is full of beauty, Notice it.
Notice the bumble bee, the small child and the smiling faces,
Smell the rain, and feel the wind.
Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams!”
—> Ashley Smith

& until I cross your path again lemme end by saying;
“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but hey, hold tight to the light in you while still in the tunnel!”
never lose hope

Do have a Happy, Bright, Glorious and Prosperous 2015!

Prince A. T.
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