A Room with a View

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A resounding slap reminded me of my duty. I was supposed to be fanning Hulk Horgan! I don’t know how I managed to wander off in thoughts in this crowded little room. Another slap was coming my way and I swiftly ducked.
‘you dey sleep while standing?’, he roared.

At previous times I would cower at his voice, but not anymore. I hissed and slowly stood up. I looked him in the eye and he grinned wickedly.

‘I don’t blame you!’, I murmured through clenched teeth.
‘I no blame you,’ he mimicked.

I shifted my gaze off him to the slimy wall. The walls were dark and stained with sweat, oil, graffiti and blood.
‘today is the last time I’ll be here.’ I said to myself.
I stared at the haphazard graffiti. A particular writing scribbled with blood caught my attention “the walking corpse “, it said. I winced, feeling bile rising through my throat and I quickly shifted my gaze to the dirty floor.

‘This is going to be my last day here.’ I told myself again.

The floor was littered with all dirty things you can think of, bandage, rotten food, tissue, paper, plates, dirty clothes and dirty ragged men.
One started coughing hysterically and I turned away, positioning my face in the direction of the room’s only window.

The window had nothing on it save the iron bars that kept we the insiders inside. A spider was spinning a web across the window making sure even a housefly would stay outside.

Everyone seems to be mocking me. They all seem to be saying the same thing. Mocking me for my naivety & stupidity!

‘Butty, You’ll rot in jail,’ I heard someone whisper.
‘No I won’t, I immediately replied. ‘today is my last day here. ‘

‘-last day on earth? ‘ the old man coughed and everyone burst into laughter.

I shut my ears to them all and stared at the only iew where I believe sanity stood.
prison window
The only window in the room provided me with a saner view. I could see the rising sun in the horizon and it reminded me so much of my room from which I usually watched the sunset.


I was watching the sunset two days ago day when Scuba came with ideas on how I could be better and bigger. He told me I could become a ladies man in spite of my bulgy size if i wouldn’t mind doing some things.
Now I want the attention of ladies and I want to roll with the Big Boyz and lots more! who cares if I’m not yet 18!

So his idea required that I borrowed my Dad’s money without dad’s consent , I bought wraps of stuffs I know I shouldn’t be handling. We went clubbing and I got so drunk I couldn’t run when the police busted the party!

I woke up at the police station in an overcrowded cell with hardened criminals.

I know my Dad would have heard of my arrest and He is still really angry at me for stealing his money. But he’ll surely come and bail me… my kind hearted mother would surely nag down his ego till he comes.

Till he comes, I’ll enjoy the only good view available. When next I get to watch the sun setting in the horizon… I’ll remind myself to remain me and to keep only good friends

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. (Proverbs 27:17 KJV)

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