Today I can get dressed in a suit with a touch of
red, green or wareva!
my touch of red could have been some animal
blood, or palm oil from some hideous sacrifice?
I probably won’t be dancing that ‘tush’ dance in
the sanctuary today! Maybe I’ll be half naked,
dirty, beaten and jumping in the euphoric
possessed celebration of a masquerade whilst,
beating people mercilessly!
I wouldn’t have many of you as friends too, cos
my face would have been redesigned to a
permanent scary scowl wt indigenous tribal marks
that starts from the centre of the head down to
my chin!
All thanks to this SPECIAL PERSON… Many years
ago, he called my Grandparents by name and gave
them a new name…
A special specie of ADEJUMOBI. Branded and
Favoured of God.
Today I can’t be addressed as Omo ara kan ti n
jijo eegun! (the offspring of a people that dances the masquerade dance)
But Omo ara kan ti n jijo Jesu Olugbala! (the offspring of a people that dances Jesus the Saviour’s dance)

This special person brought us from the miry clay
and set us among Princes!… and Yes! He has been,
and still is so faithful and good to us!
…and I’m so happy today is a day set aside to
celebrate His birth!

So Beloved, I won’t let today pass without
reminding you that Christmas is not about sweet
food and the clothes on us but about Christ in us!

Heb 2v14-15 and his birth is to set us free from he
that had the world in bondage from ages past!
But Christ’s work didn’t end with me/us , He is
still seated on the right hand of the Father,
interceding for you and I. He wants you too in the
extended christian family!

Is there a better way to celebrate Christmas than
to open the door of Your heart and let him in!


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