WHY…. I Smile! – A Note by Maama!


A smile………. I smile……I am smiling
….but WHY…..?
I don’t know [how to explain why!]

I guess it’s because I came across SOMETHING…..
Something HE said about me….
HE said HE loved me! -Yea! Even Me!
I used to wonder WHY? …..why would HE love me?…..

But I came across a WHY in ISAIAH’s Book, the 43rd Chapter ……… And I guess [that’s why] I just can’t stop smiling … I feel so wrapped, [engulfed, overwhelmed, bebayed and]…surrounded by His love!

HE said HE will walk with me along the waters…….. When I am in the waters [,be it waters] of temptation, rejection, self loathing [depression] and sadness.

[HE said HE will be with me, also in the fire! That’s why I’m so at ease when I face the heat of pressures, uncertainty, stress, anxiety, tests and trials! What a powerful and reassuring promise that is!]

………So even when I stumble and fall and feel I have disappointed Him again, when I feel disappointed with myself and can’t seem to forgive myself nor look up to him for it [forgiveness] because of the shame I feel… [and because, often and often, the devil reminds me of how filthy I am.]
… He said to me today that even at those times HE is right there beside me ….all the way…….and to crown it all…
HE said He would forgive my sins….
[then I ask again] …WHY?
-I seem to ask that question a lot –
but I guess HE knew I would ask, so he answered right there and then… yes! in that chapter.
HE listed my sins and how much I hurt him but HE said HE will forgive me……!

Its because of who He is……….not because of who I am or what I had done but because of who He is.
…because He chose to
…..because He chose me
….because he created me for Himself [for His pleasure, and] to give him glory!…..

[To someone out there]
Sometimes it’s lonely ……..sometimes the road gets very lonely and you feel alone…..but look back [with Faith] and see God right behind you! …..remember his promises are ever true! HE surely won’t leave you, If you do not forsake him too!


I hope this blesses and encourages you like it blessed me.
GOD LOVES YOU…. No matter what!


This random note was Holyghost inspired and written on a random day, by a dear friend: Miss Omojowo Taiwo (aka Maama!)
[and slightly amplified by me]

PS: Maama, I do hope you forgive me for posting this before seeking your approval,
Ki ya kuri dear! muah!
It is just too powerful and inspiring to be kept hidden in my notepad!
*wink-wink* *tongue_out*


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