Caution! Be warned!

A visit to this Blog will make you SMILE.

You probably clicked that link because you want to know more About Me?!. Right?

How do I describe me? I don’t wanna exaggerate – you know!

Lemme start by saying…
I am that shy guy who talks a lot!

I am a hard working young man who loves to play.
Putting smiles on faces is one thing I love doing. I frown at “unsmiling” faces!

I laugh and cry (sometimes after watching tears-jacking movies)
I make mistakes and admit them (well most that I know of).
I get angry but I smile more often.

I desire excellence but ‘ll never achieve it dubiously.
I am a realistic optimist.
I am human and ‘ll never fake perfection.

I am not a writer, I only scribble (fiction, facts, play scripts and my opinions)

I also draw Architectural and Artistic drawings. (It’s Abinibi+Ability).

Some say I am Creative, but I just know I love to imagine things.

I am Hardethaewoh-
in full: Ade Taiwo Adejumobi.

I love the TRUTH, I love LIFE, I love LOVE and I love JESUS!

conclusively; I am what The I AM THAT I AM says I am!

I think ïts time to take a deep breath! Huuugh!
Its kinda hard to describe myself… I tend to exaggerate. What do you think?

Bookmark this Home Page! and subscribe to our Feeds… ‘Cos You are in for an inspiring- jolly-hilarious-entertaining-funfilled-smile causing-breath taking ride!

#Much_Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

→Prince A.T.™ ☺

Email: hardethaewoh@gmail.com
Twitter: @Hardethaewoh
Google+: Hardethaewoh
Facebook: Prince Ade Taiwo Adejumobi


13 thoughts on “About

  1. hey there ! your blog literally brings a smile to the face 😀 and thanks for following my blog too ! I expect great stuff in future 🙂


  2. I’ve not read much of your posts because I’m just returning from a 2-month “break from blogging” (just to check my blogging addictions) + “I’ve been extremely occupied… Presently, I’m neck deep in assignments and projects.” But with the little I’ve read, I know I’ll always come back for more. Cheers 🙂


    • Thanks bro!
      I enjoyed your posts too…
      …I’m sorry this reply took this long… I’ve replied a long time ago, I don’t know why the reply did update here!

      …And please when are you coming back? Missed your posts!


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