Trust Me Son!



Daddy watched the TV flicker with repugnance. His son too was not enjoying the meaningless scenes the flickering TV was producing and he grabbed the remote. But Daddy knew better, he knew the actual source of the trouble. Last night’s stormy wind must have tampered with the orientation of the cable dish outside. So he said,
“Sonny, the problem is not from here it’s from up there”, pointing to the dish outside. He added, “Get me a ladder and I’ll just re-orientate it”.

“No Dad; please let me go and do it myself!” Sonny said with pleading eyes, “You can stay here and let me know when it is clear”.

“Are you sure you can handle it?” Daddy asked; and before he could answer yes or no, Sonny stood up. Daddy really had no choice but to watch him trudge to the store to get a ladder. This young lad thinks he is older now; he frowns at being called a boy and believes he can do many things by himself.

“Okay son, if you say so, I’ll stay here… just be careful!” Daddy called after him.

* * * * * * *
Sonny found a number of ladders in the store. The wooden ones looked strong but they are quite heavy; the steel ones were of different lengths, weights and sizes. Without much contemplation he chose the most appealing, the standalone steel type, which is lighter and easier to prop. As he took it out, he noticed it was quite dusty. It has been a while since anybody used it.

“this ladder is probably faulty, maybe that’s why it’s been left to accumulate dust in the store.” he soliloquized as he propped it under the dish and noticed that the ladder was a bit shaky. But he didn’t have that kind of patience required to go get another one from the store. The program on the TV was not waiting for him either.

* * * * * * *
ust then, Daddy looked through the window and saw his son setting up the faulty ladder outside. He called out to him,

“Hey son, that ladder isn’t good; I think you should get another one”.

Pretending not to hear, Sonny climbed up the ladder stood confidently on the top, then bellowed back,
“no Dad, I think it’s good enough, please just watch the TV for me”.

“Trust me son, that ladder is faulty.”

“Don’t worry dad, I’ll be fine” He replied and signalled to his Dad to please mind the TV.

“Alright, have your way”. Daddy mumbled and turned to the TV. “I’ll mind the TV then”. The TV’s signal percentage started increasing and just when Dad thought to look outside to say its okay, He heard a crash and the steel ladder tumbled down.

“Oh! No”, He muttered and rushed outside.

Outside, the nuts, bolts and the rungs of the ladder that crashed was scattered all over the floor. It was a really horrible sight to behold. With his arms akimbo, Daddy looked at the floor and shook his head, but his son wasn’t on the floor. No, Sonny hung on tightly to the dish, his feet were dangling in the air. To passersby it was a funny sight; but to Daddy, it was a ugly sight to behold. Sonny had fear printed on his face in bold capital letters.
Any other person would be singing, “I told you so, I told you so, didn’t I?” but ‘The Love of a Father’ prevented Daddy from doing any such thing as he was rather preoccupied with thoughts of the fastest possible solution. The best solution would be to ask his son to jump into his arms.

“Son, the best thing to do right now is to let go of that dish, I’ll catch you”, Daddy said.


“Jump into my arms” Dad repeated.

“No dad! Go get another ladder instead.”

“You have to trust me son, that dish won’t hold you for long!” Dad encouraged.

“No dad, I don’t think it’s a good suggestion. I’ll hang on till you get another ladder” he replied. Just as those words left his mouth, the dish gave a creaking sound, as if trying to say, “I’m not sure I can hold you that long …else we’ll be going down together!”.

Not wanting to pull the dish out of its socket, He reduced his grip and his hand started to slide down slowly round the curve of the dish. Then his fear reminded him how far the floor was to his feet and he tightened his grip.

“Daddy, please help me!” He screamed.

“I’m sorry son, if you don’t let go of that dish, there’s no way I can help you.” Daddy replied. Perhaps if he sounded a little stricter, he could get him to let go.

“Oh, dad! I’m scared…” Sonny said, tears trickling down his face.

“Don’t be scared, I’m here for you.”

“what if …what if I break my leg”

“No, you won’t! If you let go now” It seems the ‘Strict Dad line’ wasn’t going to work on this boy, so Dad resolved to calmly convince him. He said, “Son, I’m your dad, you should know I love you and I would never do anything to hurt you, all I need you to do is trust me. Just trust and obey!”

“Dad…dad, what if…?”

“Don’t imagine anything, just trust me!” Dad pleaded. “Son, trust me. I am here for you.”

Sonny was caught in a dilemma of trusting either his father or his logical fear. Frightened, He couldn’t hold the water in his eyes and he burst into tears.

Just then, the dish gave øüt another creaking sound, also crying for freedom. There isn’t much time left. Sonny looked at his father with fear and looked at the floor. He had to make a decision quickly.

“Alright Dad, I want to trust you… please catch me!” he said, shutting his eyes tightly and releasing the dish.
Without further warning to daddy, he dropped down, expecting the worst to happen…

...and he let go...

…and he let go…

but alas … He fell right into the waiting hands of his father.
With eyes still tightly shut; he felt his legs slowly touch the ground. Then he opened his eyes to see his Dad smiling at him.

With tears of joy mixed with surprise, love and gratitude, he hugged his dad and sobbed, “Oh, daddy, you caught me. You actually caught me! Thank you very much.”

“But you should have trusted me.” Daddy replied, feigning anger.

“Yeah, I really should have trusted you; I shouldn’t have let my fear control me.”

“Yes! …so are you alright?”

“Yes Dad, I’m fine- you didn’t let me fall”

Okay… so could you please stand firmly on your feet, you are still leaning on me- you know!”

“Oh! Sorry, I actually didn’t break my leg as I feared… thanks dad! I love you.”

“I love you too; it only hurt me that you didn’t trust me!”

“I’m sorry dad… It won’t happen again.”

“Alright, let’s go inside.” They both started to walk away, hand in hand in jolly triumph when suddenly they heard a loud crash and clanking of metals.


The satellite dish came down. It was already weakened by the turbulent wind of the previous day and had done a great work by sustaining the chunky weight of the boy. Thank God he didn’t hold unto the dish a bit longer than he did, this story might have taken another turn.


You also might have fallen out of grace due to sins…even while in the service of our Father in Heaven, please don’t find it hard to admit! Admit you are wrong and let God bring you back on track.
Our human nature might tempt us to look for shortcuts and advise us to hold on to our own wisdom and refuse to trust God and His word.

We should remember that He is a loving father, and if we can go to Him with genuine repentance and ask for forgiveness, He is ready to forgive us. Remember He first loved us while we were still sinners. (1JOHN 4: 19, ROMANS 5: 8)
The only condition for salvation is to believe in Him, only those who believe will be saved. (JOHN3:16)

Are you ready to trust him? Or you still want to trust your own wisdom, assumptions, calculations, feelings, plan or knowledge? It is your choice.

~~*But like I like to say, choose Life (John 14: 6) choose Love (1 john 4:16)*~~

Trust & Obey

Trust & Obey

Today God is saying to you “TRUST AND OBEY!”
—→Prince A.T.™☺


Dear Familiar Stranger

I met this stranger on the walkway.
She was walking fast, bouncy and springy in her lively gait. She held a coffee cup in one slim hand and her phone and a novel were in the other hand when she bumped into me.

Or rather I kinda bumped into her actually… unconsciously!

It was more like we bumped into one another… We were typing on our phones before the good collision. I really won’t blame fate for bringing us together that way.

Dressed in a hand dyed Batik jacket, with a fitted top, jeans trousers and a pair of black tennis shoes, I thought she was just the type that would probably beat me up.

I was expecting an outburst, some swearing and maybe insults too. But instead, a genuine “Ooh!” formed on her lips and when she swiftly bent down to pick my files, repeatedly saying, “I am very sorry! I am so sorry” -I knew my expectations were so misguided.

I swiftly joined her in the squat and replied, “I am sorry miss” as we picked up my folders.

She looked up and smiled; a beautiful and reassuring smile; emphasised and made more cute by her gap teeth. She waved her hand in a reassuring gesture and like a magic wand it blew my fears away.

Beautiful Gap Teeth Smile

Beautiful Gap Teeth Smile

“no need to be…” she said as her eyelids fluttered to hide her shock.
Her book was stained with mud.

“Its alright”, She said, patting my shoulder as I helped her up. Then we saw it- the black coffee stain on my shirt. I sensed the warm black coffee had low fat; just the way I like to have my coffee too. But not good enough to be poured on my chest!

“Oh! I am so so sooorry!” she apologised, frantically brushing the stain with her handkerchief.

“Its okay!” I said, “I’ll take care of it”.

She bent her head to a side, raised a quizzing eyebrow like she was asking, “are you sure?”

Her confident gaze peered through poor shy me and I lowered my eyes pretending to focus on the stain. “yeah, I’ll be fine… You can go on”

Before she hurried off, she came over to me, gave me a hug and whispered something about being sorry and Thank You. She is so nice! You would probably think we’ve been buddies for years!

There I stood, on the walkway, disorganised files in hand, tie thrown back and a big black coffee stain on my chest, smiling sheepishly.

She definitely is one homely stranger I would love to meet again. Dark complexioned but pure in heart!
She was long gone before I remembered I didn’t even ask her- her name!

Days and many more days after that day, I watch her affect many lives with her radiant smile. Bouncy and lively as always, she walks across the walkway and she gives out novels and other books to some motherless kids. She also takes warm coffee to an old woman on the street.

The pure kindness and selflessness she radiates is natural, just like her dreadlocks. She carried her 5ft 4in body with so much grace.

Day after day, I familiarised myself with this kind, selfless stranger without speaking a word. I kept a distance and only shyly watch her from afar.

I feel like she’s my friend already, though I haven’t asked her.
I know I am shy, but I guess that’s why I desire a bold friendly stranger.

I plan to summon courage someday, someday soon, bump into her and say, “hello stranger?”
or better still,… “Hi, Dear Familiar Stranger!”
→Prince A.T.™

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