a day like this in 3D

man and woman in the park

man and woman in the park


. A bright day it is today and I am having a great day at work so far. I could barely wait to close for the day and rush home to hug my beautiful wife.

A colleague asked me what the date is.
“the 24th of September”, I replied.

Then suddenly, it dawned on me. Today marks my late father’s birthday.
How on earth did I even forget what date today is?

As loving memories of him came flooding back, my smile slowly faded.

“I miss you dad!” I cried

I knew I needed my wife’s hug rather sooner than I thought.

. The sun was still shining outside when my hubby came back home. I was packing the picnic basket when he walked in sluggishly, wearing that sunken sad face I so much dreaded.

Oh no! He must have found out I erased the reminders on his phone. I intentionally woke him up this morning so he wouldn’t have to check the date from our digital alarm clock.

I like him when he is cheerful; but -on days like this- when he sulks, he is worse than a kid! I have to cheer him up somehow…

I knew something like this is bound to happen today, that’s why I already packed a picnic.

But first, its gonna be a herculean task to convince him to come to the park on a picnic with me on a day like this!

Old Woman:
On a bright and beautiful day like this; I would give anything to sit. and have a picnic with my loved ones under the shade of a tree in a park.

But I was in the park all alone. I don’t understand why people don’t care for their aged ones these days… I wonder what the world is turning into!

I held onto my only companions (my crochet and yarn) as I settled down in a spot close to a cute couple having a picnic.

Oh! How I miss my husband on days like this!

I brought out the knitted napkin my husband had bought me few days before his demise and placed it on my laps. Then I started knitting something similar to give to my grand children.

The couple beside me were holding hands and I could hear the man telling the woman of how his late father used to personally knit sweaters for him.

“How adorable”, I thought!

“…and what a perfect couple!” I wanted to say when I spotted something odd!

The man was crying! He was practically blubbering like a child and the woman was petting him like she were his mother!

Is this not supposed to be vice-versa?!

This is arrant nonsense! Gentlemen don’t cry in our days.

…What is this world turning to?…

PS: this post was inspired by Writing 101 prompt: “write a scene at the
park… Write the scene from
three different points of view.

Prince A. T. ™

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