STRANGE; Dream Comes True! #2

The Concluding Part

Dream Comes True #2

Dream Comes True #2

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‘…so “Rrriinnnng” went my alarm before I
could open the envelope’, Pastor concluded.

alarm rings

alarm rings

He concluded his narration of the ‘vision’. He gave Bro Joe full
details of the dream except -of course; details of how
astonishingly beautiful the strange lady was.

‘Okay, so you think she’s coming to pay the tithe of N150m?’ Bro joe asked.

‘yes! A sum of N15million naira!’

“Hmmm…No wonder pastor was so excited about his
‘uncompleted’ dream
. Bro joe thought,
‘okay sir, I’ll be at my desk waiting for the testimony.’

‘yes! Thats the Faith!.’
Pastor said and adjusted his seat. He busied himself with his PC, awaiting the mysterious lady.

For three long hours he waited, often glancing at Bro Joe’s desk. Kudos to the sagacious architect who designed this office, He could see through the glass partition but Bro Joe couldn’t see him.

In faith Pastor waited or was it ‘just another dream’?

¤*11:45 am*¤
Pastor glanced at the clock for the umpteenth time this morning. And as he brought his gaze back to his PC, something shiny caught his attention. He cleaned his glasses and adjusted his lenses.

And there she was, a woman adorned with gold. She approached Bro Joe’s desk and was asking some questions. He didn’t hear a word of their conversation but he saw Bro Joe smile and open the door for her.
She smiled and took her first step into his office. Then kois-kois, kois-kois went her footsteps.



He didn’t remember the colour of the dress the lady in his dream wore; but the woman that walked into his office in a red gown with golden accessories is smashingly beautiful.
Her teeth and her jewellery seem to sparkle at intervals, and if her gait was called catwalking, she is a natural. Every thing this middle aged woman did was exactly like the lady in Pastor’s dream.

She walked in… pulled a chair, …sat down, …crossed her legs, …pursed her lips and started speaking.

Her lips were moving and Pastor sat in his chair with his mouth hanging down, watching the whole event play on like a movie he’s seen before. The words were
different but Pastor took no notice, until she finally got to the part where she dipped her hands in her purse and brought out an envelope.
Then she said, ‘pastor, i’ll take my leave now.’

Pastor remembered that she didn’t shake his hands in the dream, so he just blessed her from his seat. He didn’t even attempt to stand, for the fear of fumbling and doing wrong things. When she stood up to leave, Pastor closed his eyes in
prayers to avoid the temptation of gawking at her behind.


Pastor still closed his eyes and was shaking his head like he was still praying. Actually He was lost in thought, caught in a dilemma.

‘could she be an angel? …Or she is a daughter of Jezebel sent to torment me?
He thought to himself. ‘but anyways, she
brought money…she should be gone now, let me see how much tithe she brought out of her N150m’

As he attempted to raise up his head and open his eyes, he heard a familiar sound. It went like ‘kois kois…kois kois!’

That was how her footsteps had sounded on the ceramic tiled floor, in the dream and likewise in reality a while ago.

Quickly he resumed his pose and pretended to pray. The footsteps however sounded more subtle and muffled,
‘or was she trying to sneak in?
Did she forget something? Or maybe something dropped from her golden purse when she wanted to bring out the envelope?
…Oh no! I should keep my eyes closed!
, Pastor thought.

The footsteps came in and didnt stop at the
other end of the desk. Rather, they came to stand beside him. A hand tapped him on the

“The bible had many warnings of flee temptation but it never said it was easy! I have to flee this temptation now!”
He thought to himself.

‘Pastor?!’ the voice called.

Pastor braced himself and looked up wearing the ugliest frown he could feign. The face was smiling down at him.

‘Pastor?, how much did she bring?’ …it was only Bro Joe and he was grinning sheepishly.

‘Oh! You scared me’ Pastor said.

‘Your dream came true today!’ Bro Joe said and without hesitation grabbed the envelope. He opened it and brought out a cheque.

Smiling, Pastor snatched the cheque away from Bro Joe. He read the amount on the cheque and blood slowly drained from his face. He looked like he just saw a ghost.
Calmly, He placed the cheque -face down- on the table and picked up his briefcase.

Bro joe looked on in surprise as Pastor headed for the door.
Amazed, he asked, ‘Pastor? are you going to the bank without the cheque sir?’

‘No, I’m going back home!’ Pastor replied


‘Yes, I am going back home to sleep!’

‘-sleeeeep? Why? Its not even noon yet?!’

‘yes, I am going back to sleep perhaps i’ll have another dream and wake up to a better day… I can’t start my week with an awful dream like this!’ Pastor replied and stomped out.

but why? Why is my pastor like this? At least, his dream came to pass today and the lady brought a cheque’. Bro Joe quizzed as he picked up the cheque.

yeah, The Cheque; The fulfilment of Pastor’s dream; The reason behind Pastor’s enthusiasm; The very reason he came early to work, clad in his best suit and now; The same reason he’s going back home depressed!

Bro joe read the cheque and stood still for a moment. He then sat on the desk and started laughing. He picked up the cheque again and read out loud.

He burst into another bout of laughter, slid to the floor and said,
‘A Dream come true indeed!…Hahaha!’


→Prince A.T.™

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STRANGE; Dream Comes True!

This story was first published on Lets Talk About Relationship with Kemmystry™ Page on Facebook and the audience loved it. Enjoy it too!

Dream Comes True

Dream Comes True

*¤7:00 am¤*

*Rrrrinnng!* The alarm chimed.

Pastor jerked awake from his dream and said, ‘today’s going to be great!’

He shook his wife, ‘darling, its monday morning, go wake the children… Today is a going to be a special monday, we shouldn’t start it lazily.’
He rushed to the bathroom, freshened up and dressed up before joining his family in the living room for the morning devotion.

‘…Dear Lord, you promised to make this year full of testimonies, so dear lord, please let there be another testimony today. Amen’ Pastor prayed.
He kissed his wife and kids goodbye and left.

¤*Office-8:05 am*¤

Giving his secretary a tight bear hug, Pastor exclaimed, ‘Bro Joe, good morning! how was your night and how’s the family?’

‘we are fine.’ Bro Joe replied, ‘you look very happy today sir.’

‘oh! Yes i’m quite expectant, I think the Lord is telling me that its gonna be great today!’ Pastor said heading into his office.
‘Come with me, I’ll tell you what today is going to be like.’

‘right away sir’ Bro Joe mumbled
I hope its not one of Pastor’s dreams that rarely come to pass!


‘so you mean, you woke up before you saw the end of your dream, sir?’

‘hmmm …Yes! But I know it’ll be great.’

‘sir, you said you saw an envelope, but did not see its content’

‘no… but I’m sure its money. The Lord knows we need lots of money. Doesn’t HE?’

‘hmmm…I hope so!’

‘HOPE?… You of all people know the monetary needs of the church. You should be very optimistic and not just HOPE! When I tell you my vision you should believe it! Where is your FAITH Bro Joe?’ Pastor blared out.

‘I’m sorry pastor, I’m just being watchful…’


‘…you know the ‘Boko’ people, it could be a letter bomb?! Or it could be a trap of the devil. Or-‘

‘what?!’ Pastor cut in, infuriated.

He had a good dream, he was hoping it would come to pass today and here his secretary was ruining his yet to begin day. He calmed himself and rebuked the devil. ‘Not on a day of joy, no I won’t get angry.’

He cleared his throat. ‘Perhaps it’s because you don’t understand my dream.’ Pastor said, ‘Sit down, and I’ll tell you the entire vision from the very top. Please sit.’

Bro Joe settled down as pastor narrated the dream he just termed ‘Vision’.


In the dream, Pastor was seated in his office when a young beautiful lady walked in. She reeked of wealth and affluence. She catwalked into his office, smiling radiantly. For a brief moment, Pastor saw that slow Hollywood motion picture where the wind blows the hair of a beautiful lady as she makes her entrance.

The lady wasn’t suprised. She’s beautiful and she knows it!
She probably knew the Pastor’s mouth hanging down wasn’t going to speak to offer her a seat anytime soon. So she pulled a seat, sat down and crossed her legs. She pursed her lips and said in a sweet tiny voice,

‘Pastor, you don’t remember me, do you? …I’m here to show my appreciation.’ she smiled again flashing a sparkling set of teeth -the kind of teeth you find only in close-up toothpaste adverts.

‘Some years ago you blessed me sir, I was down and low then…’ she continued, ‘you prayed that God should change my story. To cut the story short sir, my construction company is back on its feet and I just completed the biggest contract of my life…I earned a profit of over N150million…’ She then dived her manicured hands into a golden purse.
‘I am here to bless you in return.’ She brought out a white envelope, placed it on the pastor’s desk and slowly pushed it towards him.

‘what could be in the envelope?’ Pastor soliloquized, ‘it could it be cash, cheque or hmmm… a love letter!’

He wasn’t listening to her.


‘hmmm…sister God bless you’, Pastor snapped out of his thoughts.

‘…so I’ll like to take my leave now sir’, She said

Stretching forth his hand to offer a handshake, Pastor said,
‘Thank you very much, my beloved sister…’ but when she humbly refused to shake him and instead she bowed her knees with a smile like a respectful innocent girl, Pastor added,
‘…in the lord, my sister in christ, God bless you! Have a good day. Thank you!’
…He waved and watch her leave.

‘oh sweet Jesus!’ Pastor exclaimed when she closed the door, and made the sign of the cross. ‘she must be an angel’.

He looked at his table and muttered
‘It must be money’.

As Pastor picked up the envelope to open it ….

*Rrriinng!* the alarm chimed and He woke up!

→Prince A.T.™

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