My Daily Dairy #13

STOP! Read Episode 12 HERE Episode 13 For five long hours, my gaze was fixed on Betty. Inside my head I sang her words back to her, ‘please… don’t die!’ she must not die-she has a lot of explanations to do! I kept ruminating on her warning… something about dangerous men. I created a checklist […]

My Daily Dairy #11

Click HERE for Previous Episode Episode 11 . . . The internal conflict inside of me lasted only for a second. Haaba! I can’t let Betty’s diary kill me now! Do I have to starve myself? Abeg food things first jare! I stomped into the kitchen to prepare some noodles and found it a bit […]

My Daily Dairy #5

Click HERE for Previous Episode Episode 5 … I felt like the bones in my legs were gone. Oke saw it too and supported me. I tried to stand on my own but somehow the whirlwind in my head gained momentum and the whole lobby shone brighter to me. Oke grabbed me with both hands […]